'John Wick' Director Chad Stahelski Says Wachowskis Working on New 'The Matrix'

Matrix 4: John Wick Directors Chad Stahelski, David Leitch Return

Without their work on The Matrix trilogy, we would never see the likes of the John Wick franchise or Deadpool 2 come to fruition Cinemablend reports Stahelski and Leitch assisting director Lana Wachowski in the fourth film Lana and her sister Lily wrote and directed the original Matrix trilogy With Lily out of the picture, Lana’s[...]

Report: Warner Bros Rebooting The Matrix, Wachowskis Not Involved At This Time

It's a reboot of hit 1999 film The Matrix, which went on to spawn two sequels which we shall never mention again News of this reboot comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who note that Zak Penn will write the treatment, and Fantastic Four star Michael B Jordan could play the lead role.Some might speculate as to[...]

Today's Superman Has The Stupidest Way To Harness Energy Since The Matrix

Five million of them.But today we discover what's really going on.Firstly anyone remember The Matrix? Originally the plan was for humanity to be part of a living computer, the human brain tapped and wired up by the computer hive mind Which made a kind of sense, the brain is an incredibly complex computer, especially for its[...]

Rumour: Another Trilogy Of Matrix Films In The Planning Stages

Though Andy and Lana Wachowski have apparently conceived the new Jupiter Ascending as the first in a series and have another, less action-driven sci-fi film somewhere in the pipeline, rumours of more Matrix movies are again rearing their head.It's not the first time this story has bubbled up, and I can't help be at least[...]

Clips From Superman, Matrix And Countless Other Warner Bros. Movies Going Cheap

Ben Mortimer writes for Bleeding Cool.If you’ve ever wanted to use footage from Superman Returns, Watchmen or The Matrix for your own nefarious purposes, it would seem that you finally have the chance as Warner Bros have made a hell of a lot of it available as stock footage via Getty.Earlier this month, Twitter user[...]

Agent Smith Returns – A General Electric Commercial Set In The World Of The Matrix

It features the multiplicitous return of Agent Smith, so logic dictates it takes place inside The Matrix.The ad was directed  by David Gordon Green, of Pineapple Express and George Washington, not the Wachowskis - though they did give it their blessing.[youtube][/youtube]I wonder if Hugo Weaving found that more creatively fulfilling than the Transformers movies, eh?As[...]

VIDEO: Keanu Reeves' Motion-Control Kung Fu Demo For Man Of Tai Chi

Currently filming in Hing Kong, Man of Tai Chi is to be the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves. The film is, as the title suggests, going to feature quite a lot of martial arts, and Reeves, as his job title suggests, is wanting to capture it for the screen with some style and efficacy. The […]

Are The Wachowskis Planning Two More Matrix Films? In 3D? Nope

My friend Martin has never seen the third Matrix film, but he did once ask if it was "more boring than the second one." When I told him it was, he expressed extreme disbelief Nothing, he said, could be more boring than The Matrix Reloaded unless the filmmakers were specifically trying.*I dedicate this story to[...]