Today's Superman Has The Stupidest Way To Harness Energy Since The Matrix

Superman #37 by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr is published today. Johns is the fellow who, in last week's Justice League #37, gave us a very common sense answer to Superman's supposed dilemma with Zod in the Man Of Steel movie. I rather liked it. But all that common-sense seems to elude him today. […]

VIDEO: Keanu Reeves' Motion-Control Kung Fu Demo For Man Of Tai Chi

Currently filming in Hing Kong, Man of Tai Chi is to be the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves. The film is, as the title suggests, going to feature quite a lot of martial arts, and Reeves, as his job title suggests, is wanting to capture it for the screen with some style and efficacy. The […]

Are The Wachowskis Planning Two More Matrix Films? In 3D? Nope

My friend Martin has never seen the third Matrix film, but he did once ask if it was "more boring than the second one." When I told him it was, he expressed extreme disbelief. Nothing, he said, could be more boring than The Matrix Reloaded unless the filmmakers were specifically trying.* I dedicate this story […]