Noel Clarke And Johannes Roberts On Storage 24, The Impending Alien Invasion And… Being Better Than Attack The Block?

Noel Clarke And Johannes Roberts On Storage 24, The Impending Alien Invasion And… Being Better Than Attack The Block?Convention Madness 2012 is here, and Bleeding Cool will soon be heading out to sunny San Diego for Comic-Con International. By Bleeding Cool, I of course mean every single writer at Bleeding Cool except for myself.

I´ll be in England. Probably in the rain.

At least I didn´t miss out entirely. During the month of May I attended Kapow! and London MCM Expo, and at the second convention followed up on my original interview with actor/writer/producer Noel Clarke and director Johannes Roberts, who were promoting their new sci-fi-horror film Storage 24.

Bleeding Cool: So the film is about an alien. It´s not a terribly nice alien, from what I can tell. Do you think we´re going to encounter intelligent life soon?

Johanes Roberts: I hope so.

Noel Clarke: Me too. As long as they don´t try to kill us.

JR: Yeah, actually I'd be useless in an apocalypse.

NC: I think they´re more likely to come here than we are to find them, in our lifetime anyway. You might be alive and young still.

JR: I´m hoping we´ve already … I´m a believer.

BC: Do you think they´re among us already?

JR: Yeah!

NC: I don´t know about among us but I would like to believe that … with some of the technology that comes out, I´d like to think somewhere along the line there´s been a few encounters that have helped us. Like when the USA first came out with the stealth bomberplane. Its like, how the fuck have you come up with something like that, with a plane that flies and can´t be detected by radar, and it was a weird shape and no one else was doing it. Maybe they reversed-engineered it from something.

BC: After this film they might come down just to sue you for defamation of character.

JR: I think they´d have be [the way they´re portrayed in horror movies]. I´d be really disappointed if they came down and were actually very polite.

BC: Do you have a favourite sci-fi movie?

JR: I´d go … The Thing, I think.

NC: Alien, maybe. But no, not really. I like too many to have a favourite.

BC: There´s been talk of a sequel, called Storage 25. What have you got planned for that, if it happens?

NC: I haven´t written a script. We changed the ending halfway through the shoot and I said to Johannes, "We should do this instead," and he was like, "Man that would be really cool!" And so we did, and when you see it, it´s really cool. It wasn´t until I saw the final version and the way it ends that I was then like, "Dude we need to do another one!" I think people will want another one, when they see it, it just ends in a way that makes you excited.

BC: Given that it´s a low-budget British sci-fi about an alien invasion, there are going to be inevitable comparisons to Attack the Block. How do you feel about that?

JR: Storage 24 is a million times better. Hands down, it´s a lot better.

NC: Make a note that this is Roberts saying this! J-R.

JR: It´s funnier, it´s darker, it´s scarier. It´s just a better movie. Attack the Block plays the retro card, but … this is just a better movie.

Storage 24 will be invading a cinema near you from Friday 29th June. I´ll probably be in the cinema too, sheltering from the rain.

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