Nope: Jordan Peele Teases More About His Mysterious New Film

Nope, the new Jordan Peele film is out in July, and while we have seen a trailer, we still know next to nothing about it. He teased a bit in the new Empire Magazine about it though, including the role he specifically wrote for star Daniel Kaluuya, who also starred in Get Out: "I wrote NOPE with Daniel in mind for the role – a humble man destined for an epic and otherworldly confrontation," Peele tells Empire. "Daniel's craft is on a different level, but it's his warmth that grounds audiences even during points of absolute madness. You may be watching a nightmare, but when he's on-screen, at least you've got your brother with you, and that's all you need."

Nope Poster has Flying Cow, Jordan Peele Film Opens In July
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Nope Looks Like It's Aliens. But Is It Aliens?

"What's a bad miracle?" Oscar® winner Jordan Peele disrupted and redefined modern horror with Get Out and then Us. Now, he reimagines the summer movie with a new pop nightmare: the expansive horror epic, Nope. The film reunites Peele with Oscar® winner Daniel Kaluuya (Get OutJudas and the Black Messiah), who is joined by Keke Palmer (HustlersAlice) and Oscar® nominee Steven Yeun (MinariOkja) as residents in a lonely gulch of inland California who bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery. Nope, which co-stars Michael Wincott (HitchcockWestworld) and Brandon Perea (The OAAmerican Insurrection), is written and directed by Jordan Peele and is produced by Ian Cooper (UsCandyman) and Jordan Peele for Monkeypaw Productions. The film will be released by Universal Pictures worldwide."

Jordan Peele putting his own unique spin on the summer blockbuster is enough to put me in the theater anyway, but there are still questions about this one. Is it aliens as it looks like? It can't be that simple, can it? With Peele,  expect the unexpected always, so my guess is that while aliens might be involved, it won't be that simple. We will all find out together when Nope opens in theaters on July 22nd.

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