Nosferatu Remake Is Coming From The Witch Director

nosferatu onboard ship

Nosferatu is one of the great classic horror films. It is still unsettling today, and probably gets even more so with age. The idea of remaking it seem sacreligious… that would be if Werner Herzog hadn't already done just that i  his 1979 classic.

And thus, we will be getting a new attempt at the story. As a guest on IndieWire's Filmmaker Toolkit podcast, The Witch director Robert Eggers announced that his next project will be a remake of Nosferatu. The monumental challenge of that task isn't lost on on Eggers either, who said:

[It's shocking] to me. It feels ugly and blasphemous and egomaniacal and disgusting for a filmmaker in my place to do 'Nosferatu' next. I was really planning on waiting a while, but that's how fate shook out.

To me, the original film feels so mythical at this point, a remake isn't going to hurt it in anyway. Eggers demonstrated in The Witch he can really deal with impending dread and terror though, which will carry him a long way too. Bring it on I say.

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