Oh Ben Affleck — Please, Please, Please Be More Careful With That Action Comics #1

I was catching up on the day's trailer releases just now, when I spotted something that made me do a double take, quickly followed by a reflexive cringe of horror as my years of vintage paper addiction overtook the logical center of my brain telling me it was just a movie scene.

Here's a new clip from The Accountant, with Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick.

Let's slow it down and blow up this one part for you:

And here's the full clip released today:

Here's the thing about this — the numerous other clips from the film paint the picture of a mathematical savant who thinks and acts with extreme precision… but there's also some hints here and there that even in that, the character may not be who he seems. Surely, the character of Christian Wolff as he's been shown through most of the other clips wouldn't toss an Action Comics #1 so carelessly in his bag (and leave behind the All American #16 and More Fun #52, for that matter).  And even if it was scripted without particular attention to that moment, Affleck has been around comic fans long enough that he certainly knows that you don't. Do. That.  Even if it does appear to be bagged and boarded.

So… maybe that is a little hint about the true nature of the character, or perhaps more likely, I'm overthinking it myself.  As for the accounting, well… I'd put a real Action Comics #1 that looked like that at about $4 Million, currently. Maybe more, depending on what CGC had to say about it.

The Accountant opens October 14.  Now I gotta go see it to figure out what that's all about…

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