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A photo from Trolls World Tour (2020).
Four of the main stars of the Trolls franchise will return for NBC's Trolls Holiday in Harmony, with Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kenan Thompson, and Rachel Bloom set for the half-hour animated musical special from DreamWorks Animation Also joining them are alum Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Anderson .Paak, Anthony Ramos, Ester Dean, Walt Dohrn, Da'Vine[...]
Toni Collette/Anna Kendrick Film Stowaway Hits Netflix April 22nd
Stowaway is a new space drama starring Toni Collette (Hereditary) and Anna Kendrick (A Simple Favor), alongside Daniel Dae Kim (Hellboy) and Shamier Anderson ("Wynonna Earp") It is directed by Joe Penna, and it looks pretty fantastic Anderson plays a crew member who ends up on a manned ship to space by accident, now along for the two-year journey to Mars[...]
CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
But Jude's loss is The Chadster's gain because I found some really juicy stuff in here as Punk talks about his desire to work with Jude's favorite wrestler, Dave Bautista, plus his secret crush on Anna Kendrick. CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]It started when Paquette asked who in Hollywood Punk most[...]
Scott Pilgrim Cast Perform Table Read in 10th Anniversary for Charity
The cast participants include Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Jason Schwartzman, Brandon Routh, Ellen Wong, Satya Bhabha, Brandon Routh, and Mark Webber Wright, Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, producer Jared LeBoff,  and screenwriter Michael Bacall also joined The participating cast read all their original parts[...]
Scott Pilgrim: Cast Reunited for 10th Anniversary Script Read
The participants for the reading were Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers), Ellen Wong (Knives Chau), Mark Webber (Stephen Stills), Alison Pill (Kim Pine), Satya Bhabha (Matthew Patel), Chris Evans (Lucas Lee), Anna Kendrick (Stacey Pilgrim), Aubrey Plaza (Julie Powers), Mae Whitman (Roxy Richter), Brandon Routh (Todd Ingram), and Jason Schwartzman (Gideon[...]
A scene from Dummy, courtesy of Quibi.
Seriously, did Anna Kendrick lose a bet? Was she blackmailed to star in this show? Would this show even be made if Dan Harmon's name wasn't constantly mentioned in it? And there you have it Dummy is the worst, grossest show on Quibi. Quibi continues to trot out its shows with efficient regularity It's the[...]
Anna Kendrick stars in Dummy, courtesy of Quibi.
Based on writer and creator Cody Heller's relationship with Dan Harmon, Quibi's new dramedy Dummy stars Anna Kendrick as Cody (creative naming) who discovers her boyfriend Dan (Donal Logue) has a sex doll If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, then how about the fact that the doll starts talking to her? Still not[...]
Anna Kendrick and her "partner in crime" hit the road on Dummy, courtesy of Quibi.
It stars Anna Kendrick, who finds out her boyfriend has a sex doll that starts talking to her It looks like Lars and the Real Girl, but the similarities end there They're both about a character going a little bit mental and thinking sex dolls are talking, but Dummy looks very strangely handled like it's[...]
The Trolls World Tour final one sheet poster.
Is Trolls World Tour a better film than the first? In a word, yes. The Trolls World Tour final one-sheet poster. Trolls World Tour Synopsis Things are good for Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) Since the first film, she has begun to rule her kingdom as a fun-loving Troll without a care in the world, guided by her friend's[...]
Trolls World Tour Exclusive Movie Clip - K-Pop vs. Reggaeton (2020) | Movieclips Coming Soon
With the fate of the world at stake, Poppy and Branch, along with their friends, set out to visit all the other lands to unify the Trolls in harmony against Barb, who's looking to upstage them all. Trolls World Tour, starring Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Rachael Bloom, Ozzy Osbourne, James Cordon, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Ron Funches,[...]
'Trolls World Tour': Watch the Final Trailer Now!
Anna Kendrick took to Twitter to tell Trolls fans how happy she is that Trolls World Tour is hitting VOD streaming services on April 10th, the same day as the theatrical release To be honest, it may not be in theaters that day either, as there is no end in sight for the theater shutdowns[...]
Smooth Jazz Chaz from Trolls World Tour.
The visuals are also top notch. Check it out below: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Trolls World Tour – 10 Hours of Smooth Jazz Chaz ( Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return in an all-star sequel to DreamWorks Animation's 2016 musical hit: Trolls World Tour[...]
'Trolls World Tour': Watch the Final Trailer Now!
Man, they certainly added to the cast this time didn't they? Check out the final trailer for Trolls World Tour down below: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TROLLS WORLD TOUR | OFFICIAL TRAILER 3 ( Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return in an all-star sequel to DreamWorks Animation's 2016 musical hit: Trolls World Tour[...]
“The Day Shall Come” is Chris Morris’ Return to Ruthless Satire [Review]
Agent Kendra Glack (Anna Kendrick) wants to funnel money and weapons to Moses and set him up as a terrorist so they can arrest them and show the system works Trouble is, Moses is a harmless crank at best, slightly mentally-unstable at worst That means Glack has to work extra hard to push Moses and[...]