Could Oprah Winfrey Face off Against Woken Matt Hardy in 2020 Presidential Bid?

A lot has been said about the prospects of Oprah Winfrey running for president after her rousing speech at the Golden Globes last night, but Winfrey isn't the only celebrity with no political experience who could challenge our current celebrity president in 2020. Enter Woken Matt Hardy, the demented pro wrestler currently campaigning against Bray Wyatt on WWE's Raw brand.

Hardy took to Twitter to declare that, contrary to President Donald Trump's claims, it is Matt Hardy who is the TRUE "stable genius."

Hardy is referring to a series of tweets by Trump in response to questions about his intelligence and mental stability:

It might seem ridiculous to suggest that a pro wrestler could run for and even win the presidency, except that Donald Trump himself once main evented WrestleMania, and is a member of the WWE Hall-of-Fame. Not only that, but Hardy, who wasn't even running in 2016's presidential election, even scored a bunch of votes by write-in.

And though he didn't win, Hardy's response was certainly more presidential than anything Trump has ever said or done:

The only question is, which party would Hardy run under? Hardy hasn't traditionally spoken much about politics, but we do know that he plans to campaign for Knox County mayoral candidate Kane, who is running as a Republican, and is a Libertarian backed by Senator Rand Paul. So it would probably make sense for Hardy to run on the Republican ticket and try to take out Trump in the primary, which would allow him to face off against Winfrey in the general election.

Yes, that seems highly unlikely, but take a look around you and tell us that you can really rule out the possibility 100%.

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