Olivia Munn Joins The Predator Which Is Taking Place In A Rather Mundane Location It Seems


The Predator is slowly ramping up, with the film about ready to go into production. Shane Black's next has a big chance of being a lot of thriller/horror fun by way of… well, being written and directed by Shane Black.

THR have just reported that Olivia Munn is in negotiations to join the film, and will be taking up the role of a scientist. There isn't too much known past that, but always nice to get the cast together.

However, there was another interesting tidbit in the report. The outlet say that we aren't going back to a jungle, a frozen planet or even a city for this film. No, instead we are going to suburbia.

That is a pretty small scale to wage monster battle on, but this being Black, I'm sure there is a very deliberate, maybe even humour filled reason we are off to your back yard. I really do want to find out more about this now.