Regal Cinemas Twitter Accounts Says They Hope to be Open by March

While some theater chains remain open to try and take advantage of the few movies that are actually getting theatrical releases, Regal Cinemas has remained closed. Well, it mostly remained closed. They tried to reopen and then closed and then finally closed the last of their New York and Los Angeles locations back in November. We haven't heard anything about when they are planning on opening again. Theater stocks got a boost from a better than expected opening weekend for Wonder Woman 1984 [except AMC, whose stock fell for some reason] and even Regal got a two-cent boost. Regal is a company that relies a lot more on cities like New York and LA, and those cities being in lockdown have been cited as a reason why they aren't opening. The official Twitter account posted today that they hope to be open again by March. "Big movies are made for the big screen, and we plan to open our theatres once NYC and LA allow — we hope this happens by March," said the Tweet.

New York NY/USA-January 5, 2020 The Regal Cinemas in Times Square in New York. Editorial credit: rblfmr /
New York NY/USA-January 5, 2020 The Regal Cinemas in Times Square in New York. Editorial credit: rblfmr /

That is by no means an official opening date, but theaters continue to remain hopeful that there is a light at the end of this hellish tunnel. Regal hasn't said if they are in as dire straights as AMC is, but that doesn't mean bad things couldn't be on the horizon. Regal is the second biggest theater chain in the country, and much like if AMC goes under in the next couple of months, if Regal does, thousands of people will lose their jobs. I am really sick of writing about good people losing their jobs and would very much not like to write about Regal, AMC, and or any other theater chain going under. We need to do better at holding ourselves and holding those around us, accountable for wearing our masks and social distancing. No one is asking you to do the impossible here; in fact, it is the bare minimum. So wear your mask, social distance, stay home, so thousands of innocent theater workers don't lose their jobs when things have been bad enough in the last couple of months. It isn't hard, so stop being selfish and just freaking do it.

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