Report: Guitar Hero Is Making A Return In 2015

Guitar-Hero-Warriors-Of-RockHold the presses. First Rock Band was reported to be coming back, now Guitar Hero too? What is this 2008?

Kotaku report that Guitar Hero is indeed in the works for a return this year under an unknown developer. Their sources say that the game will be announced at E3 and will feature a more 'realistic' art styles than in earlier titles.

Those darned expensive peripheral guitars would be set to return too with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions specifically mentioned.

This could all turn out to be false, but what with the rumoured return of Rock Band and the general quality of Kotaku's leaks, it has me leaning on the 'likely' side. I really am interested to see if people are ready to purchase all new instruments again. I really did think this was going to be something left in the past.

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