Robo-Hitler May Finally Be Going To The Big Screen In Wolfenstein Adaptation

Robo-Hitler May Finally Be Going To The Big Screen In Wolfenstein Adaptation

It's a shame that Bleeding Cool wasn't around in 2007, because it that were the case then I could just copy-paste the text from a five year-old story and go have lunch early.

Roger Avary is back onboard to write and direct a film adaptation of the Wolfenstein video games, specifically 1992's Wolfenstein 3D. According to the press release, the film will be an action-adventure along the lines of Inglourious Basterds and Captain America, following the trails of a US Army Captain and  British Special Agent as they attempt to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and attend the unveiling of Hitler's new secret weapon. Before they can get to der Führer himself, however, they must make their way past Himmler's secret SS Paranormal Division!

The synopsis bears more similarities to sequel Return To Castle Wolfenstein than it does to the first FPS game, in which Polish-American hero William "B.J." Blazkowicz was imprisoned by the Nazis and had to raze Castle Wolfenstein to the ground from the inside out as he escaped.

The film will be produced by Panorama Media and Samuel Hadida, who secured the rights back in 2007. Based on his statement in the press release, it seems like Roger Avary might be the right fanboy for the job.

I've been playing the Wolfenstein games since I was a kid, and feel that their outlandish sensibility has deeply influenced my own writing and directing throughout my career. I have always thought Wolfenstein, transformed and opened for the screen to wider audiences not familiar with the games, would be a major cinematic experience, which is why I introduced it to Samuel. He bought the rights, and I could not be happier that we are now embarking on this adventure.

It seems like it might be the real deal this time around, but we won't count our Nazis before they're shot.

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