Rumor: Captain Marvel Director May Be "Locked Down," Claims Ant-Man Director


Coming out of the same press event that brought us a description of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel costume, Marvel may have a director "locked down" for the 2019 movie. According to a report from ScreenRant, Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed slipped up and revealed the "locked down" status of the unnamed director before being quickly hushed by producer Jeremy Latcham. It is unknown why the director to Captain Marvel would be "locked down" rather than simply signed to a contract and allowed to come and go at will, but we're sure Marvel has their reasons. Of course, it's possible that Reed was using the phrase "locked down" metaphorically, meaning the studio has a firm agreement with the director for the film, but that would be a somewhat flimsy basis for a story to circulate throughout the entire entertainment media, so we have to assume it was meant in the literal sense, and we join our allies in calling for the Captain Marvel director's immediate release from captivity, or, if that is not possible, at least for some photos of the costume.

At press time, it was unknown whether Peyton Reed would be "locked down" as well for his transgression.

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