RUMOR: Finn Jones Says "Iron Fist" Season 2 Announcement Imminent

Iron Fist

Marvel's Iron Fist was not exactly well received by critics, but the public seemed to think it was okay (at best). There were problems there, but a decent amount of them could be explained by rushed production. The show has been in something of a limbo since March, with no word as to whether it will be renewed. Star Finn Jones was at Puerto Rico Comic Con this weekend and someone asked him about the renewal. This is just a RUMOR, coming from a secondhand source on Twitter, so it might not be true. Jones seemed to insinuate that a renewal is on the way:

It wouldn't be that surprising if Iron Fist is renewed, despite the fact that it wasn't received well. The world seems pretty excited about The Defenders. If they take the criticisms to heart, they could very easily create a better show in its second season.

Jones also told us that The Defenders is going to take place over a 48-hour period. While that makes sense considering how many episodes there are, the idea that these people could bond enough to form a team in that amount of time makes me worry about the character dynamics. Those dynamics, watching a bunch of characters we like bounce off of each other, is what makes team-ups fun to watch. If there isn't any time for that, then the team-up will lose some of its charm. Or maybe not. We do have eight episodes to make these people learn to like each other.

The Defenders will stream to Netflix on August 18th.

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