What Will Be Will Be – Savitar Gets What He Wants

This article contains spoilers for The FlashInfantino Street.







We are finally to the night where Barry Allen sees Savitar kill Iris West. It's been building to this since the show returned at the beginning of the year and with every episode they failed to find a way to save Iris. And the second to last episode of the season was no different. Tracy Brandt has finished her Speed Force Bazooka but needs a power source. The only one that would work is the Dominator's power source left from the Invasion and in the hands of ARGUS. When Barry and Cisco go ask for it, Lyla Michaels says no… because she can't trust Barry to do whats best for everyone. A pretty decent response for a woman who discovered Flashpoint changed her daughter into her son.

So Barry travels back in time… which is how all of this mess got started… and borrows Leonard Snart from Legends season one timeline to help him steal the power source. Meanwhile Wally, Joe and Iris go hide on Earth 2. We end up with some touching moments between Joe and Iris and we get the feeling that Iris has come to terms with the idea she is likely to die.

Barry uses H.R.'s image device to pose as Lyla and get him and Snart into ARGUS… or at least he tried to. Flash and Captain Cold work well together and it was a joy having Wentworth Miller back on the show. His humor is great, but we also get to see that he won't let Barry cross the line. He wants The Flash to stay a hero. ARGUS is using King Shark as a guard dog for the device and Barry is willing to kill him, but Snart uses knowledge from Shark Week to put King Shark to sleep and keep Barry on the side of the angels. And when Snart gets trapped, Barry doesn't leave him. Even though the get caught, the fact that Barry didn't leave Snart to die gives Lyla faith to loan Barry the power source.

H R then screws up. Savitar shows up at STAR Labs looking like the Flash and gets H R to say where Iris is. This allows Savitar to get her and force the showdown on Infantino Street (an homage to Carmine Infantino). Barry uses the SFC but Savitar has come up with a way to counter it, and then he does exactly what he did months ago. He kills Iris.

And we have one episode left in the season. The series has been getting darker over the last two years or more and the death of Iris is going to take a lot out of Barry. We saw that in the future Flash episode. I don't think that is where the writer's want to go. I expect that there will be a few more twists in the finale that should leave the series on less of a downer note.

As the episode wrapped up last night, I had an idea of how Iris might've gotten out of it… and having checked on-line this morning, I am not the only one. There are a few articles being put forth with a similar theory. Here it is… H. R. is so devastated by his mistake as we see when he says good bye to Vibe, that he takes his appearance manipulating device that Barry used earlier to look like Lyla… and used it so he could replace Iris and be killed by Savitar instead. He didn't tell Barry about it so Savitar wouldn't know and he switched while Savitar was running from the Speed Force Bazooka.

No idea if that is what the writers are doing or if they're following the comics and actually killing Iris for a while. We'll find out next week.



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