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And now they're all back. The fourth of the CW's DC Universe shows, Legends of Tomorrow, made it's debut last night for season two with an episode called Out Of Time. The last season ended with Rex Tyler / Hourman showing up and warning the team of something. But we pick up the new season six months later in Legends time and in current time as Nate Heywood tries running in to see the Mayor of Star City, Oliver Queen.

Someone how Nate and Oliver get their hands on a mini-submarine and find the Waverider on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New York. They don't explain how they get the sub or how it is able to dock with a spaceship… or that matter just how the ship is still functioning after what happened to put it there. Or even where Rex Tyler went. But hey, the point is to get the show started.

They find Mick Rory / Heatwave on board in stasis… they know that because the med panel says stasis. He explains what they'd been up to for six months, how they ended up in the exact time and place Tyler had told them to stay away from and how the ship ended up in the bottom of the ocean.

The cause of course is Damien Darhk, who we should've gotten some kind of reaction from Oliver having just fought him through all of last season, but instead we get the idea that Sara Lance / White Canary is searching for Darhk to get revenge for her sister Laurel Lance / Black Canary. But if Sara succeeds, it wipes out season four of Arrow and Laurel would be alive again. I wonder if that would make my season four Blu-ray just show hours of them sitting around playing canasta.

The confrontation leads to the team going after a U-Boat with an atom bomb on it that is attached to a torpedo and launched. Rip Hunter uses a time scatter option to send the Legends through out time, while leaving the wounded Rory in stasis on the ship that he's not sure will survive the bomb blast. Few questions pop up here as well… why did he scatter them through time, why not just send everyone to the same place… maybe back to their home time? And why wouldn't he risk sending Rory if he wasn't sure the ship would survive the bomb?

Oliver leaves so Rory and Heywood can go retrieve the others. Ray Palmer / The Atom is fighting dinosaurs, Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson are together as wizards in medieval times and Sara is about to be burned at the stake for being a witch. All of these rescues took place in minutes and seemed a bit anti-climatic. But they can't find Rip. What they do find is the Justice Society of America who want to have words with them.

Oh, and we get the first glimpse of the Legion of Doom as Darhk has teamed up with Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash.

The episode left a lot of questions. It seems like Rip may have planned what happened. He got the ship ready, recorded a good bye, made sure Jax was up-to-speed on everything to take care of the ship.There were too many plot holes to not be planned. It wouldn't surprise me if Rip was behind the clues that Heywood used to learn the Legends were in trouble. Guess we have all season to find out.

Here is the preview for next week:

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