What Is Shia LaBeouf Trying To Tell Us With His Latest Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

A report that actor Shia LaBeouf has been arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct has left fans and critics wondering what the artist is trying to tell us. LaBeouf, who has been engaged in a longform ongoing performance art piece for several years, beginning with 2013 Daniel Clowes plagiarism scandal and continuing through to another recent arrest at a Donald Trump art installation earlier this year.

What Is Shia LaBeouf Trying To Tell Us With His Latest Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

According to a report from TMZ, police say LaBeouf attempted to bum a cigarette from someone late Friday night/early Saturday morning after a night of hard partying in Georgia, where he's currently filming the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon. When the cigarette was refused, LaBeouf reportedly began shouting and cursing "in front of women and kids," because as we all know, women's delicate ears must be protected the same as children, right TMZ?

In any case, LaBeouf was reportedly taken into custody by police around 4AM, leaving the world's cultural elite to ponder the message behind his tortured performance. Is this commentary on the growing global unrest that played out at the G20 Summit this week? Or perhaps a condemnation of the American tobacco industry? LaBeouf's work will surely be debated for centuries to come.

LaBeouf was reportedly released on $3500 bail at 11AM Saturday morning.

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