The Six Important Moments In This Week's Agent Carter – Snafu

Spoilers… Spoilers… Spoilers… Ho!!!!

Last night we got the penultimate chapter in the story of Agent Carter and her quest to clear Howard Stark's name, stop Leviathan and get some respect from her co-workers. Though beating the crap out of most of them last week did a pretty good job in the respect department. With only one more episode to go, I figured this was going to be cards-on-the-table time, but turns out not nearly as much as I expected.

Here are the important moments from Snafu:

1) We start the episode with Peggy Carter being interrogated by not one, but three of her co-workers. Jack Thompson whom Carter saved in Russia, Daniel Sousa who figured out part of what Carter was doing and Chief Roger Dooley who was starting to come around on Carter before it all blew up. Each of them having their own interrogation techniques but none of them had any luck. Even though she was being held prisoner, she was still controlling the room.

2) Edwin Jarvis at times has been the comic relief in the series with the occasional helping moment. But his character is an honorable one and when his employer did not respond, Jarvis took it upon himself to try and help Agent Carter. It was a weak ploy that wasn't going to work in the end… but you have to appreciate the attempt and his loyalty.

3) Dr. Ivchenko's ability to get into people's heads is far more than just hypnosis. As we see in the flashback as he talks a soldier through a leg amputation without anesthesia. And how he is able to get Dooley to do whatever he wants. There is a lot more to this, though I'm not sure how much we'll get to find out as there is only one episode left. I like the odds more and more that he is Dr. Faustus from the Captain America comics and will likely play a role in season 2… if there is one… and he doesn't get killed next week.

4) As a last resort to get Dooley to listen to her, Carter comes clean and tells them everything. When Thompson asks why she didn't just come to them in the first place, her answer is blunt and perfect. She goes one by one telling them that they don't see her, the only see what they want her to be and she pulls no punches. It takes handing over Captain America's blood to finally convince all three that she is telling the truth… but they do believe her and that is a major move forward for the character.

5) Watching Chief Dooley being mind controlled by Ivchenko and putting on the vest that will eventually explode and then sacrifice himself, that was tough to watch… but the important moment was when he resolved that he was going to die, he turned to Peggy and told her to get Ivchenko. He realized that Peggy was right all along and that she among all the others at the SSR was the most likely to stop Leviathan.

6) Rolling the baby carriage into the theater and releasing the gas that made everyone kill each other… yeah, that's definitely an important moment. Whatever item 17 ends up being, it was obviously what caused the deaths in Russia. The fact Jarvis knew everything about the heating vest and absolutely nothing about item 17 shows that this is one that Stark wanted buried from everyone.

Now we just have to wait until next week to clear all of this up and see just what is left of the SSR and what Peggy Carter's role will be with it.


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