Trailer for Smiley Face Killers Reveals New Slasher Villains

The next slasher film to grace our screens (we miss you already, Halloween Kills) is coming this December, inspired by real murders and titled Smiley Face Killers.

The film comes from novelist Bret Easton Ellis, (American Psycho) is directed by Tim Hunter (River's Edge), and stars Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein, and Mia Serafino, with the film being described as, "As a strange wave of mysterious drownings of male college students plagues the California coast, Jake Graham (Rubinstein) struggles to keep his life together at school. Finding himself stalked by a hooded figure (Glover) driving an unmarked van, Jake fears he may become the next victim in the killers' horrific spree."

Trailer for Smiley Face Killers Reveals New Slasher Villains
Photo Credit: Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment

The film is loosely based on a string of questionable deaths across 11 states, where 45 men were found dead in the water. The young men were typically athletic, popular, white, and were most often leaving situations such as parties or venues where alcohol was consumed. It's always been more of a theory without anyone being apprehended, so the film joins the list of unsettling unsolved crimes covered in film. When last publicized in 2008, the FBI reported that the idea had been investigated without any reason to believe these deaths often ruled accidental had anything to do with each other — hence the ambiguity.

Because of the constant shifts in release dates on movies pulled from theaters, indie horror has had a great opportunity to flourish (such as Shudder's Host, or Followed), so the decision to introduce a slasher film during a cinematic dry spell could be just what we needed.

While this would be a perfect fit for the Halloween season, we'll have to wait for the Smiley Face Killers movie to strike on December 8 through Digital, On-Demand, and a home release of Blu-ray and DVD.

Make sure to check out the trailer included above and let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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