Soundgarden, Audioslave Singer Chris Cornell Has Passed Away

Chris Cornell at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. Photo by Gordon Correll.
Chris Cornell at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. Photo by Gordon Correll.

This one sucks.

Musician Chris Cornell has passed away. He was in Detroit performing just hours before his death with Soundgarden, the band he helped form in 1984 in Seattle that became one of the biggest bands of the 90's, and helped create the grunge style of alternative rock. He was the lead singer for the rock supergroup Audioslave with 3/4 of Rage Against the Machine, and helped form the band Temple of the Dog. He also had a successful solo career, releasing five albums. In a statement, his representative called the death " shocking and unexpected" and that his family will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine a cause of death.

One of the more talented singers of his generation, Cornell did overcome addiction saying that it is a choice he made for himself:

"It was a long period of coming to the realization that this way (sober) is better. Going through rehab, honestly, did help…it got me away from just the daily drudgery of depression and either trying to not drink or do drugs or doing them and you know, they give you such a simple message that any idiot can get and it's just over and over, but the bottom line is really, and this is the part that is scary for everyone, the individual kinda has to want it…not kinda, you have to want it and to not do that crap anymore or you will never stop and it will just kill you."

There is no cause of death as of now. He is survived by his wife Vicky and his daughters Lillian Jean and Toni, and his son Christoper Nicholas.

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