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Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix

Space Sweepers, the first Korean space opera blockbuster, will be available to audiences worldwide on Netflix without a theatrical release. It was originally scheduled to open theatrically on September 23rd but was postponed due to surges in coronavirus infection numbers, and cinemas were closed again.

Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix
"Space Sweepers," Netflix

The film, one of the most highly anticipated of the year, features a star-studded cast including Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Seon-kyu, and Yoo Hae-jin as a crew of space scavengers who discover a humanoid robot called Dorothy, which looks like a child is actually a weapon of mass destruction.

As we said about the trailer: "Let's see… The future. Check. Earth is messed up, and everyone wants to leave, but they need money to do that. Check. Rickety spaceships! Check—a rag-tag crew of space scavengers. Check. Space battles! Check—scrappy, pissed-off blue-collar people in space. Check—the cocky pilot (Song Joong-Ki). Check. The no-nonsense, no more f's to give captain (Kim Tae-Ri). Check—the grouchy, foul-mouthed engineer (Jin Seong-Ku). Check. The snarky robot that's a deadly weapon (Yoo Hae-Jin). Check—the salvage crew discovering illegal cargo. Check. Illegal cargo turns out to be a dangerous bomb that looks like a child. Check. More fights in space. Check. The snarky robot in a bathrobe stepping over a bunch of bodies! SOLD!"

"'Space Sweepers' is a film that was created on the premise that its IP universe will be expanded to other various content such as webtoons and games," said CEO Yoo Jung-hoon of local distributor Merry Christmas in an official statement through Netflix. "But we cannot rule out the current Covid-19 pandemic and decided that we cannot put off the film premiere any longer. So, in order for successful follow-up expansion of the IP, we chose Netflix to present our film most successfully not only to local but international audiences as well."

As reported on Korea Joon Ang Daily, the sci-fi blockbuster is the third Korean big-budget movie to go straight to Netflix without a theatrical release this year, after Time to Hunt and The Call, which premiered on Nov. 27th.  Netflix will announce the release date shortly.

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