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Blockbuster: Netflix Announces Release Date and First Look at Comedy
Netflix released their first look at Blockbuster, fictitiously depicting their one-time rival in a new comedy starring Randall Park, Melissa Fumero, Tyler Alvarez, Madeleine Arthur, Olga Merediz, JB Smoove, and Kamaia Fairburn The show follows Timmy Yoon (Park), who is an analog dreamer living in a 5G world And after learning he is operating the[...]
Nightwing #91 Review: The Power of Friendship
This has upset a lot of people, like metahuman crime boss Roland Desmond (Blockbuster), who rely on poverty to maintain their grip on power Now Dick Grayson has a price on his head that'd make Han Solo blanche, so Nightwing and his amazing friends are working on a solution. There's a lot to love about this[...]
Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient
So the local Wilson Fisk knockoff called Blockbuster has hired two of the least impressive costumed guns for hire and a small squadron of anonymous goons to — as the title says — "get Grayson." Of course, when you don't even bother to hire someone of the caliber of Bloodsport, Grayson's better angels will be[...]
Comics Folk React To... Wall Street, Reddit and Game Stop
And once it worked with GameStop, it might work with others like AMC, Nokia, Blackberry, Blockbuster, Build-A-Bear, in a time of shutdown there was no shortage of investors betting against the success of a company And once it started, many investors got out of short-selling entirely, for fear that their stock would be next to[...]
A Writer’s Odyssey: CMC Pictures Reveals New Trailer, Release Date
A Writer's Odyssey (Previous title: Assassin in Red), the high concept Chinese fantasy blockbuster directed by Lu Yang (Brotherhood of Blades), is getting a US theatrical release CMC Pictures revealed the official international poster and trailer today and announced the release date would be February 12th, 2021. "A Writer's Odyssey" poster courtesy of CMC Pictures A Writer's[...]
Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix
Space Sweepers, the first Korean space opera blockbuster, will be available to audiences worldwide on Netflix without a theatrical release It was originally scheduled to open theatrically on September 23rd but was postponed due to surges in coronavirus infection numbers, and cinemas were closed again. "Space Sweepers," Netflix The film, one of the most highly anticipated of[...]
Uncovered "Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" VHS Shows Beta Footage
This is long before there was ever a TechTV or G4 on cable to show off titles, long before IGN or any other company at the time had a website showing off content. Credit: Hard4Games This particular VHS comes from a Blockbuster in Brazil, which was a giveaway for people who ordered an N64 through their store[...]
The Wandering Earth, China's first big budget Science Fiction blockbuster movie, is a runaway success AS of this week, it's earned over $600 million at the Chinese box office and $5 million from its limited US release over 22 cities. Beijing Culture The movie, an adaptation of Liu Cixin's novella about a future where humanity works together[...]
The Wandering Earth is the China's entry into big Science Fiction blockbusters that Hollywood has dominated for decades (and will probably continue to) Adapted from a novella by Liu Cixin, it goes for the big Bruckheimer approach that Bruckheimer doesn't make anymore. The story comes with Liu Cixin's hard science fiction: in the future, the sun[...]
Nightwing #24
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Having been led into a trap by Blockbuster, Nightwing is trapped in a massive submarine being hunted by a number of known villains enlisted by Blockbuster and his compatriot, Tiger Shark (not that one) They are all being offered weapons to kill Nightwing He is just trying to make it out alive Action! The premise[...]