Watch The Trailer For Horror Film Stalker, Out On Streaming June 18th

Stalker is a new horror film coming from Vertical Entertainment in June, and boy, is it unnerving. After a bad break-up, a man named Andy moves to Los Angeles, where he befriends a rideshare driver named Roger. When he starts acting in ways he doesn't like; Andy ghosts him. Roger does not take too kindly to that and begins going after not only Andy but his girlfriend Sam as well. Man, we sure are getting a lot of rideshare horror these days, huh? I guess I need to be more careful when jumping into an Uber when I start going places again. You can see the trailer for Stalker down below.

Stalker Synopsis

"In the wake of a messy break-up, Andy Escobedo decides to start fresh, relocating from Austin to Los Angeles. Eager to make new connections, he befriends Roger, an unusual rideshare driver. But when Roger's behavior gets too strange for comfort, Andy blows him off, choosing to focus on a budding relationship with his new girlfriend, Sam. This unhinges Roger, who begins to torment Andy, ensuring that his stay in L.A. is short-lived. Starring: Christine Ko, Vincent Van Horn, Michael Joplin Directed by: Tyler Savage."

Watch The Trailer For Horror Film Stalker, Out On Streaming June 18th
Credit: Vertical Entertainment

Stalker is going to give me the willies; anything on that subject matter is going to make me extremely uncomfortable, no matter the quality of the production. This one looks okay, nothing spectacular, but it could be one of those films that kind of sneaks up on you and becomes great couch viewing one night. A lot of Vertical Entertainment releases fall into that category, and this one probably will not be much different. Stalker, starring Christine Ko, Vincent Van Horn, and Michael Joplin, directed by Tyler Savage, will be available on-demand and on digital streaming services on June 18th.


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