Stranger Things Gets The Coolest Home Video Release Of The Year

Stranger Things is a special kind of television show. It became an overnight phenomenon last summer, and anticipation is at a fever pitch for Part 2's big debut next Friday. But what about those people who do not have Netflix? Yes, they do exist. I myself have a great friend who is dying to watch the show, but will not subscribe to Netflix for some crazy reason. Say what you will about their movie choices, but their original programming is more than worth the price. People like him were screwed as far as Stranger Things was concerned.

Not anymore.

Stranger Things Part One Blu-Ray and DVD Set (Target Exclusive)

How cool is this packaging?!?! As a nerd who geeks out for special packaging and has been known to buy things he does not even want because of awesome packaging, this is cool. I am a 80's/90's kid, so VHS is my default memory for consuming films at home. To have this awesome show come in an old school VHS-style box is a home run for me. Pictures do not do this thing justice. It has a surprising weight to it. The outer cover has the key art from Part One on the front, along with a old school video store category sticker. The back features a single photo of Joyce (played by Winona Ryder) like the old horror boxes of old. I LOVE that they also in small writing put the old VHS copying warning under the picture.

Then they double down and the inner case is modeled after a VHS tape. Right down to the "Be Kind Rewind" sticker.

I am in love.

Inside is of course not a VHS tape, but a multi-layered case for your discs. On top you have the two Blu-Ray discs, and when you lift the flap you get cool art of Nancy reaching out of the Upside Down and the DVD discs. For those who worry about such things: there are NO special features on these discs. That is a shame, but not surprising. All you will find is the trailers for Part Two of Stranger Things and one for The Defenders. For the Blu-Ray specs, you can choose between 5.1 Dolby TrueHD sound or 5.1 Descriptive Audio. And there are English subtitles. That is it. Video is true HD, but not 4K. I like that, I almost wish it was even lesser quality to enjoy the show as a throwback.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Poster

Stranger Things Season 1 target Exclusive Blu Ray 9

Finally you get a cool Stranger Things Demogorgon poster. There is no credited artist that I can find, but it certainly leaves its mark on you when you see it.

Look, this is a pretty bare bones release. This is for two groups of people I have already mentioned: those without Netfilx and those who collect such things/fans of the show. That is why this is exclusive to Target and did not get a wide release. Yes, I have Netflix. But I also love the show and want to support it anyway I can. At $25, for the show on Blu-ray and DVD in one creative package? That's a no-brainer buy for me.

This hit stores today. If you want as copy, go to Target now or order one online here.

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