Symbiote Shocker: Sony's Venom Movie Gets Release Date Of October 5, 2018, Alex Kurtzman To Direct, Or Not


Sony has put a release date to their Spider-Man spinoff movie, Venom. The film, originally planned around the time of Amazing Spider-Man 2, was in limbo when Sony decided to scrap the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and reboot. That reboot eventually turned into a joint project with Marvel, Spider-Man Homecoming. Last May, development resumed on a Venom film, which was at that time set to be written by Dante Harper, and which was planned to be a separate property from the Spider-Man franchise. Alex Kurtzman was originally attached to direct the film back in 2014, but it's unknown if plans have changed since then. We should start getting a lot more info on this film now that its release date is just a year and a half away.

According to box office data providers Exhibitor Relations Co., Venom will hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

UPDATE: Moments after announcing the release date, ERC revealed that Kurtzman will indeed direct the film.

UPDATE AGAIN: ERC may have been incorrect about the director, but not about the release date.

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