Terminator: Genesis Is Now Filming


Skydance Productions have announced the beginning of production on Alan Taylor's reboot/sequel Terminator: Genesis, by posting the above slate to their Facebook. It works as a tease for fans as well as a nod to the Slates for Sarah campaign, which is still leaving ongoing love and support for Sarah Jones, the crew member who died on the set of Midnight Rider in February.

Emilia Clarke plays Sarah Conner in this version, with Jason Clarke as her son John, while helping her create the future savior of mankind is Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as maybe more than one version of the T-800 and The Hunger Games' Dayo Okeniyi also has a probably crucial role as Danny Dyson, the son of Miles Dyson, who was the scientist that created the computer program that would eventually morph into Skynet and kill us all.

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