Tessa Thompson Confirms That Michael B. Jordan is Directing Creed 3

When it comes to late in the game sequels or spin-offs, it's mostly a lot of misses, but one of the hits are absolutely the two Creed movies. They seemed to come out of nowhere, and both movies turned not only star Michael B. Jordan into a movie star but also catapulted the ever fantastic Tessa Thompson onto the main stage as well. Both movies earned critical and box office acclaim, and we've known that a third movie was in the works for a while now. There were rumors back in October that Jordan would be directing the third movie, but nothing was confirmed. Thompson, who is currently doing press for her new movie on Amazon Prime called Sylvie's Love, and MTV News asked her about the third movie, and she did confirm that Jordan is directing Creed 3 while poking fun at his 'Sexiest Man Alive' title.

He is directing the next 'Creed,. So, it's going to be ammo, I think, for me, when he is engaging with me as a director. I'm just going to tell him to dial down the sexiness. But we, you know, we're not gonna make it until later in the year. I don't know if he'll still be the Sexiest Man Alive in six months.

Tessa Thompson Confirms That Michael B. Jordan is Directing Creed 3
Sylvester Stallone, Jacob 'Stitch' Duran, Wood Harris, Michael B. Jordan, and Tessa Thompson in Creed II (2018). Credit: MGM

So it sounds like they have a general production start time of the summer or fall of this year, so perhaps we're going to see a release date of sometime in early 2022. However, both of the Creed movies have been award contenders, and for the oldies on the voting committees to remember that your movie came out, you need to release it in the latter half of the year. That's why so much Oscar bait comes out in October to December; no one thinks anyone will remember a movie that came out more than a few months ago. So MGM might push the release to the fall of 2022. That is if MGM is still a thing by then. The last we heard, the studio was in trouble, so who knows whose hands the Creed franchise will be in by the time production wraps on Creed 3.

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