The First Teaser for Zack Snyder's Justice League is Here

The DC FanDome has been an interesting little event so far. For anyone who has spent some time running about the San Diego Convention center, it's sort of like if Hall H and Ballroom 20 had a baby and then decided to host the entire thing over Zoom. It's been interesting enough to watch as someone who enjoys various DC properties. One of the bigger gets of this little virtual convention was going to be the first real look at Zack Snyder's Justice League [which is not the same thing as the Snyder Cut please get out of my mentions on Twitter]. The alternate cut of Justice League has been one of those mythical things that fans spent years begging to happen. HBO Max announced that they were bringing a new cut of the movie to their streaming service and that said new cut was going to set Warner Bros. back a sweet $30 million. We got the first teaser trailer for the movie that actually leaked online earlier today but we didn't post it here on Bleeding Cool which is probably a good thing because if we had Zack Snyder would have sent an angry tweet about it.

Snyder said that the character he is looking to explore the most in this new cut is Cyborg and called him the "heart" of the film. Snyder says that we will see more of the Flash in the new cut and there going to get to see more of his "emotional arc" in the film. Snyder says "You're going to see something with Flash in this film that I don't think you've ever seen… he's a quantum character, so you might see him do something timely." We also learned what kind of format the movie is going to be in. There have been rumors that the cut could be a long movie or it could be broken up like a mini-series. During the DC FanDome panel, Snyder announced that Zack Snyder's Justice League will be a four-part hour-long miniseries.

Justice League Snyder Cut teaser
Image: HBO Max

The allegations surrounding the production of Justice League continue to fly around and regardless of what you think of the original quality if Justice League it's going to be interesting to see this version of the movie brought to life. Zack Snyder's Justice League will stream to HBO Max in sometime in 2021.

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