The Morning After The Inhumans Movie Rumour The Night Before

inhYesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a story pieced together from a number of New York Comic Con conversations with some very well placed folk regarding the future of Marvel's previously Inhumans movie. Specifically that, as a result of interwrangling at Marvel between film and TV, it didn't have one.

Other sites have hit their sources with very different results. Hitfix's Drew McWeeney reports,

I went directly to an unimpeachable source, who told me that the film division is still planning to make the film, and there are certain elements of the "Inhumans" universe that have been declared off-limits to the "SHIELD" people as a result.

And specifically,

Here's how you will know that Marvel has cancelled the feature film. If you see the royal family, including Black Bolt, show up on the TV show, then there's a good chance the feature division has finally changed their mind.

While contradicting Bleeding Cool's story, their statement does highlight definite issues between the divisions of TV and film. After the recent event at Marvel, described by BirthMoviesDeath's Devin Feraci as "the coup that saw Kevin Feige escape the yoke of mad billionaire Isaac Perlmutter",  of course, the film side is now separate to the TV side, making synchronicity far more byzantine.

Devin also makes some wise divination of the direction of my original sources.

Of course anything is possible. Bleeding Cool's sources aren't bad. I suspect their sources are in TV, since the site has been very anti-Feige since the Perlmutter divorce. The site also claims to be getting this info afterhours at New York Comic-Con, which really indicates they're hearing it all from TV/comics people, ie folks who aren't directly involved in Marvel Studios.

He possibly reveals the direction of his own sources that gave him not only this scoop, but its spin…

Heroic Hollywood who also originally reported on that MMC story, now report,

Upon hearing the details of that report I spoke to a source of my own who commented on said rumor that he referred to as being "completely untrue". They also added that the reason the film wasn't in the press release was due to the line-up change, the film's release date is currently subject to change. Perhaps the studio has made the decision to move the film about Marvel's Royal Family to their Phase Four slate?

It is also worth pointing out here that the press release referred to the other movies, Captain Marvel and Black Panther, whose dates are noted as subject to change. So why not Inhumans?

If the Inhumans movie is not cancelled, and that remains to be seen, my only advice to the folks on Feige Island at Marvel Studios is to stop telling the rest of Marvel that it's done for.


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