Tim Miller Moves From Directing Deadpool To Exec. Producing Sonic The Hedgehog


Tim Miller did a great job on Deadpool and his flair really helped that movie become what it was. As you likely know by now though, thanks to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, the man is now off the sequel to that film.

And I have to say, I wouldn't have guessed his next movie involvement a million miles off. While he won't be in the director's chair, that goes to his producing partner Jeff Fowler, Miller will be Exec. Producing and actively developing the Sonic the Hedgehog film says The Hollywood Reporter. From the first announcement, we know the film is set to be a live action/CG hybrid about the character and is said to be 'family friendly' as you'd probably imagine.

This, in the grand scheme of things, his creative vision might not be the driving force, but it now puts the man who directed the most successful R-Rated movie of all time in an influtential position on a Sonic movie. Weird world, huh?