Todd McFarlane Promises Today's Spawn Movie News Tomorrow

Methinks it's time for the Spawn movie to join the likes of projects where they do not exist until the final credits roll on the screening a la Deadpool, Uncharted, or the Halo TV series. For those of you not keeping up, Spawn was launched in 1992 by Todd McFarlane and is probably one of the best examples of 90s comics that aren't drawn by Rob Liefeld. The comic got adapted into a pretty cheesy but not the worst thing in the world movie back in 1997, right before comic book movies started to become a thing again.

The Forever In Production Spawn Movie Gets a New Writer
October 31, 2015: Todd McFarlane, Canadian cartoonist, during Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Editorial credit: betto rodrigues /

The Spawn Movie Thrives In Development Hell

In 2015, McFarlane announced his intentions to do another Spawn movie, only this time it would be R-rated and be a closer adaptation of the comic books. McFarlane said he would direct and write this movie which means you could have technically called Spawn an auteur project. Blumhouse signed on to produce, and they also managed to bring on Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner to star. It was supposed to get off the ground in 2019 but never did, and Joker doing numbers at the box office may have renewed interest. In April 2021, Broken City writer Brian Tucker was brought on to work on the screenplay, but we haven't heard anything since. It's still unclear whether Renner or Foxx are even involved. Yesterday, McFarlane posted on Twitter that we were going to get big Spawn movie news today.

In a move that is emblematic of everything that has happened with this movie, McFarlane posted to Twitter today to say that the big news that was supposed to run today…is going to be delayed until tomorrow. Is this movie ever going to get released? What are the Vegas odds at this point?

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