Alicia Vikander Says Tomb Raider 2 Script is Coming Along

It's been a long road to have successful Tomb Raider movies made, just like any popular video game-to-film adaptation, but the efforts continue nonetheless.

Irma Vep: Alicia Vikander to Star in HBO TV version of 1996 Movie
Alicia Vikander in "Tomb Raider," Warner Bros.

After the 2018 Tomb Raider film starring Alicia Vikander, there were noticeable upgrades made to the franchise. The film still struggled to cross the threshold it needed to break even (roughly $275 million according to MGM) but saw more mixed to positive reviews from critics and has been in conversation to earn a sequel for just over three years. In a new interview with, Vikander maintains that there is still good reason to hold out hope for another film, telling the publication,"[Writer/director] Misha [Green] is about to … A script is coming in very soon. She's extremely hardworking," Vikander explains, adding, "And so, I can't say anything, because like you said, COVID kind of put everything just up in the air. But yeah, I'm excited to read scripts and hope that it's something that we'll find a way to make."

Vikander recently expressed a similar sentiment to Collider, suggesting that it was in the works without actually earning the greenlight. Previously back in May, Green had implied on social media that she had completed the first draft of the script, with the working title of Tomb Raider: Obsidian, so between both Green and Vikander, there's still hope for this incarnation of Laura Croft. However, it does appears that there is a consistent change in direction with the film as it regularly gains traction and eventually falls back in limbo – so at this point in time, the more progress made, there's a better chance to see this sequel project take off.

There are still various video games being adapted into films soon enough, so it seems reasonable to predict that Tomb Raider will stay alive in some capacity – but what would you like to see from a sequel to the 2018 film?

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