Walking Dead's Nicotero, Miller Doing Film About Romero Classic

Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero and Jimmy Miller are teaming up to make a film about the making of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Nicotero will direct the film, and they are working with Romero's widow, Suzanne DesRocher-Romero, with Nicotero and Miller producing along with Brian Witten for Monster Agency and M. Riley for Mosaic. They will recreate some scenes from the film in black and white, while the rest of the film will be in color. Think Ed Wood about the Romero classic instead of Plan 9. Deadline had the news of The Walking Dead teams intentions.

Walking Dead's Nicotero, Miller Doing Film About Night Of The Living Dead
Night Of The Living Dead Still

Walking Dead Team Will Do Romero Ed Wood Style

Walking Dead's Nicotero had this to say about the original. "They really had no experience," he said. "One of the actors was the makeup artist. It was this bunch who'd shot a couple commercials, sitting around saying, 'Hey, we should make a movie.' And someone in the group said, 'Yes, let's make a horror movie. They always make money.' I love that spirit of a group of people getting together who had no real idea what they were doing and fumbling their way through."

"They found this rickety old farmhouse in Pennsylvania," he said. "One of the interesting things to me is, when you watch the movie, it has this sense of film noir because of the way the lighting is. A lot of that is, they just didn't have money to afford a lot of lights. So they created a very unique lighting style for a lot of scenes, which played into the motif of what Night of the Living Dead is about. Even when they struck the prints to distribute, they used cheap film stock, so there was a lot of contrast. Everything that was black went black and everything white went really white. That added to this weird noir film vibe of, what's going to come out of the darkness and get me? It was a perfect storm of events with a group that loved working together and rolled up their sleeves."

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