'M.A.S.K.' Film Gets Writer With 'Bad Boys For Life' Scribe Chris Bremner

M.A.S.K. is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. The cult 80's favorite cartoon and toy line is set up at Paramount for a feature film, and Bad Boys For Life writer Chris Bremner has been tapped to pen the script. F. Gary Gray is set to direct. Hasbro is producing with Paramount under their Allspark Pictures arm.

'M.A.S.K.' Film Gets Writer With 'Bad Boys For Life' Scribe Chris Bremner

"Launched simultaneously in 1985 as both a toy line and an animated series, M.A.S.K. stood for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, an elite strike force that fought crime and terrorism, most notably an organization named V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem). Influenced partly by G.I. Joe and Transformers, the brand had the tagline of "Illusion is the ultimate weapon."

Rumors of a M.A.S.K. film have been circulating for years now, as Hasbro is looking to cash in its chips from all those years of Transformers grosses by bringing some of its other brands to the big screen. G.I. Joe comes back this fall with the Snake Eyes film, while Visionaries and ROM may also join them. More Transformers is also on the way. Bremner showed that he can handle franchise writing duties with the latest Bad Boys, which was a smash hit this year, and now on top of M.A.S.K., he is also writing the third National Treasure film for Disney.


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