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Walking Dead's Nicotero, Miller Doing Film About Night Of The Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead is getting a sequel, helmed by Nikyatu Jusu (Nanny) for Village Roadshow Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, Westbrook, Origin Story, and the late George A Romero's Sanibel Films MGM seems to have won a bidding war for the distribution rights worldwide The script was written by The Walking Dead's LaToya Morgan[...]
Walking Dead's Nicotero, Miller Doing Film About Night Of The Living Dead
Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero and Jimmy Miller are teaming up to make a film about the making of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead Nicotero will direct the film, and they are working with Romero's widow, Suzanne DesRocher-Romero, with Nicotero and Miller producing along with Brian Witten for Monster Agency and M Riley for[...]
Night Of The Animated Dead Gets Key Art, Releases This Fall
Night of the Living Dead fans have a cool project to look out for this fall An animated version of the George A Romero classic titled Night of the Animated Dead will be released this fall from WB Home Entertainment The film is directed by Jason Axinn, who directed the 2019 animated horror feature To Your Last Death[...]
NIght Of The Living Dead Get Animated From WB Home Entertainment
Night of the Living Dead fans have a cool project to look out for this fall An animated version of the George A Romero classic titled Night of the Animated Dead will be released this fall from WB Home Entertainment The film is directed by Jason Axinn, who directed the 2019 animated horror feature To[...]
215 Ink and Witter Entertainment Turn Horror Films Into "Kids Books"
Romero's zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead is licensed from Image Ten Productions and was published in January 2021, written by 215 Ink owner Mike D Perkins and drawn by his brother Will Perkins. Witter Entertainment is best known for selling retro VHS tapes of horror films Its founder James Cilano has seen this as[...]
Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead (Images: Image Ten/AMCTV)
Ironically, it's films like Night of the Living Dead that provided a commentary about the human condition that George A Romero wanted to point out in his story He may have introduced the world to the modern zombie genre, but the real monsters are the humans fighting them off when they should be looking into[...]
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Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), which gave birth to the modern zombie genre as we know it Already remade four previous times, the latest comes from CineTel Films, according to Bloody Disgusting The studio was responsible for the latest incarnations of the revenge fantasy I Spit on Your Grave and supernatural franchise Amityville[...]
George A. Romero and the Invention of the Zombie as We Know It
Before Romero made Night of the Living Dead, nobody thought zombies ate human flesh Zombies came from Haitian folklore They were said to be corpses revived through voudoun magical rituals In real life, what people thought were zombies were often living people who had been drugged to be mindless servants after incurring debts to powerful[...]
Lost George A. Romero Film The Amusement Park Being Shopped
Not so with the Night of the Living Dead director's film The Amusement Park Lost over time, the film has been found and restored in 4K by IndieCollect in New York The whole thing is produced by Suzanne Romero It sounds like while not a straightforward horror film, Romero made an intense, impactful film about[...]
Shudder Offering 30-Day Free Trial Regardless of Coronavirus Quarantine Status
Instead of the typical seven-day free trial, Shutter is extending their trial to 30-days with the promo code "SHUTIN." The network also posted a still of Ben (Duane Jones) from Night of the Living Dead trying to reinforce his barricade. AMC Networks Staying at home doesn't have to be boring Try Shudder for free for 30 days[...]
Twitter Reacts To The Passing Of Horror Icon George A. Romero
He is survived by his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, and his daughter Tina. Romero was an American-Canadian filmmaker, writer and editor who changed the face of horror in 1968 with his socio-political take on the zombie genre with Night of the Living Dead Romero refined what horror movies could do, elevating them from just popcorn fluff[...]
George A. Romero, Creator Of The Living Dead Films Dead At 77
He passed following a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer, according to a statement given to the Times by is producing partner, Peter Grunwald. Romero was the co-writer on the 1968 classic film, Night of the Living Dead The film's impact on the horror genre, and zombie films in particular went on to inspire generations[...]
Castle Of Horror Podcast: Urban Legends Come to Night of the Living Dead– Live
For eight years, the Bug Theatre in Denver has presented a live adaptation of Night of the Living Dead We talk to Kris Hipps on how to translate the most anxious film of the 60s into a stage play This season, "it involves adding urban legends."   Listen to this episode here: Castle of Horror Podcast Links: Join us[...]
Double Take Trades Are More Than Just A Collected Edition
All of the stories launched from the same place, the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead These titles included: Rise, Slab, Medic, Soul, Honor, Dedication, Spring, Z-Men, Remote and Home Now, five issues in, it's time to do a collected edition. But Double Take is once again doing something different The 10 creative teams took[...]
Double Take Goes Classical To Promote 3rd Issues And Pack
Double Take, the company the created 10 new interrelated comics using Night of the Living Dead as the catalyst point has made this new trailer to remind folks that the third issue of each series will be out on February 24th The books will be sold individually or in a superpack as they had done[...]
Amazon Glitchwatch: Night Of The Living Dead TPB Slipcase
The five Night Of The Living Dead tradepaperbacks from Avatar Press in a brand new slipcase, priced up on for £14.99, around $20, plus free delivery in the UK, out any day now It is meant to be £60. Even the US Amazon price is $80 Quite a drop for Amazon UK and whoever is selling[...]
Jeff McComsey Talks Z-Men, Rise And Double Take
Double Take launched their 10 titles in a day based on the Night of the Living Dead recently and I had a chance to talk with the writer of two of the company's flagship titles, Jeff McComsey Jeff writes Z-Men and co-writes Rise with Michael Coast Here he talks about the two series and how[...]
Hot Topic Bans Bill Jemas' Zombie Comics Over Sex And Drugs References
Last month we learned that the Hot Topic chain was to sell the Double Take line of Ultimate Night of The Living Dead comics, published by Bill Jemas, nationally. And that was to happen this week Until Monday, when Double Take shipped the comics currently getting a big write-up in the New York Daily News and[...]
Bill Jemas' Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead Gets A Super Pack Trailer (Video) can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ultimate Night of the Living Dead | Double Take ( For the Double Take Comics launch of ten ongoing zombie comic books on one day – this Wednesday – or in a super pack, as the trailer will seek to convince you to buy. Has Bill Jemas got another[...]
Living In The Night Of The Living Deadiverse
Or something. With ten separate ongoing comics set in the Night Of The Living Dead world, here's a map of Evans County, PA that lays out where each individual title takes place in relativity to the others, and how characters will be found in multiple series… They also have the ten digital storyboard versions of the comic in full[...]
Talking Double Take And Their 10 Title Launch With Gabe Yocum
All of them in a shared universe that uses the George Romero classic Night of the Living Dead as it's starting point The company is founded by former Marvel president Bill Jemas, who I will be interviewing for Bleeding Cool Magazine in the next couple of days… but to find out more about the company[...]
Bill Jemas Is Publishing 10 Zombie Comics In September
We mentioned that Bill Jemas was publishing and co-writing a couple of zombie comic books in July this year, dubbed "Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead" for Double Take, the comic book spinoff from Take2 Interactive Software. Well those two issues appear to have been revamped and resolicited for July… and they are bringing some friends[...]
Bill Jemas Is Writing Ultimate Comics Again, Folks
Based on the Night Of The Living Dead movie, though it is in public domain, they have taken no chances and decided to to use the name in their titles… instead using the group title Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead, a reference to the Marvel line he started and that is currently facing its[...]
Steve Niles Co-Hosts Creature Feature Horror Lab With Count Gore De Vol
If you ever read a interview with him, it probably mentions how he watched his first horror, the George Romero classic Night Of The Living Dead on tv hosted by Count Gore De Vol with his mother Sally Marie Niles. Sadly, Sally Niles passed away on May 2nd and we offer him our sincerest condolences. A little[...]
George Romero Rewrites Night Of The Living Dead In His New Marvel Comic
But in doing so he has gone back in time and rewritten the script of Night Of The Living Dead, as recounted by the sister of the character Babra, originally played by Judith O'Dea. Take that first scene when the "ghoul" attacks Babra's brother in the graveyard.     Well, that's what we get here as the[...]