Whereabouts of Knox County Mayoral Candidate Unknown After Brutal Table Assault at WWE Raw

The fate of Knox County, Tenessee mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs is currently unknown at this time after Jacobs reportedly "crawled" out of a hospital room, refusing medical treatment following a brutal assault with a table. Jacobs, who wrestles under the nickname Kane for WWE, was involved in an athletic competition with co-worker Braun Strowman when Strowman flipped over an announce table, as well as the stage on which the announce table was sitting, several chairs, and various monitors and other accessories onto a prone Jacobs, crushing him. WWE medical staff were able to extract Jacobs, who was suffering from difficulty breathing, from underneath the objects and Jacobs was taken to a local medical facility for treatment. However, journalist Michael Cole reported later Monday night that Jacobs had left the hospital of his own accord.

There have been no further updates from WWE on the status or whereabouts of Jacobs, leaving voters in Knox County with serious reason to be concerned about the health of the candidate. Jacobs' campaign Facebook page has yet to acknowledge the attack or its aftermath, instead posting twice about a fundraising event featuring Jacobs and his brother, Undertaker Jacobs, set to take place on March 1st at Rothchild Catering & Conference Center. It's unknown whether Jacobs will be located before the even is scheduled to take place or what condition he may be in if he is found.

Jacobs, a Libertarian endorsed by Senators Rand Paul, Daniel Bryan, and Matthew Hardy, is running in a Triple Threat race for the Republican nomination this Spring. Jacobs has a history with Strowman, having once shoved the co-worker into the back of a garbage truck and turned on the compactor. This is the second time Jacobs has been the victim of a brutal assault by Strowman in January alone as part of an escalating, violent feud between the two which has seemingly been taking more and more focus from Jacobs' campaign duties.

In multiple campaign speeches, Jacobs has reflected openly on his "sick and depraved acts," which have also included electrocuting former boss Shane McMahon's testicles and lighting play-by-play announcer Jim Ross on fire. Jacobs was never convicted, however, for his alleged role in the Katie Vick scandal that made national headlines in 2002.

Below, shocking video shows Strowman's devastating attack on Jacobs. Viewers may find the video shocking and disturbing.

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