Will Someone Please Let James Mangold Make A X-23 Movie?

loganCan we all just agree that Dafne Keen's Laura was one of the best part of Logan? We saw from her first interaction with Hugh Jackman that this girl was going to bring something special to the role which she did. It's not easy taking an eleven year old through a movie like that but director James Mangold, with the help of Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart of course, got an amazing performance out of Keen. 20th Century Fox would be insane to let an opportunity like this pass them by and when asked about what kind of movie he would make Mangold said the following to ScreenRant.

"A very honest film about young people, is what I'd say – a very honest film about young people growing up."

LoganWe've had superhero films tackle all sorts of topic from the concept of a security state and government overreach (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to the the Civil Right and LGBTQIA+ movements (X-Men) to a deeply personal journey about letting go (Logan). The beauty of the comic book genre is that it is malleable; you can cover all sorts of genres and topics within the superhero genre. The X-Men movies might look at growing up a little it has never been the central focus. Logan has proved that audiences are willing to accept a slower moving comic book movie if it does well and Mangold has proven he knows how to do that. The response to Logan also means that Fox is less likely to interfere with the production as long as the budget is reasonable. The pieces are all here for another great movie; Fox just needs to approve it.

Let James Mangold make a X-23 with Dafne Keen because it could be spectacular.

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