Will Teddy Sears Find His Way Back To The Flash Now That 24: Legacy Is Cancelled?

As tired as most fans of The Flash television series are of having season after season big bad be a speedster, I have to ask the question: Do we really want a world where there is no Reverse-Flash or Zoom? There is just something about that yellow suit as it races through the city followed by a blur of red. But the series has done a really good job of killing off the characters. Eobard Thawne (Matt Letsch) was able to survive for a while after being wiped from existence, but he finally got his in Legends of Tomorrow. And Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears) went on to be become the Black Racer… but Savitar and Killer Frost took him out in the Flash. And we know the new season is going has Clifford DeVoe / The Thinker as the big bad… But, could that really mean no more super-speed races of good vs evil?

Flash and Reverse-Flash

Since the show has established that there are multiple Earths, I'm thinking not. I don't know if we'll see either Reverse-Flash or Zoom in the next season, but I can't see him being gone too long. Even if one of them is just brought back for an episode or two. And there are lots of ways to do it. There is still a Hunter Zolomon on Earth-1. We meet him when Zoom is still posing as Jay Garrick and takes Caitlin Snow to see his doppelganger. The end of season 3 showed a Speed Force storm… could be the cause of that Zolomon to suddenly getting speed powers. There's also just bringing one of them over from another Earth… or from another time. Really, this show is set up that they could kill off the entire cast and not have to fire anyone.

Teddy Sears

And that's the thing. These guys have shown that once an actor gets in good with them, they don't want to let them go. John Barrowman's one season as the big bad has finally ended with season five of Arrow and you know he will probably return in the future. Tom Cavanagh has played multiple versions of the same character and then they bring him back again. They killed off Matt Letsch in season one, brought him back for the start of season three and made him a villain on Legends of Tomorrow. They even killed off John Wesley Shipp's character only to turn him into Jay Garrick. And now that Teddy Sears isn't tied up with 24: Legacy anymore… how long until he's back on the show?

Will Teddy Sears Find His Way Back To The Flash Now That 24: Legacy Is Cancelled?

Interestingly I've heard a fan theory on-line from a couple places that maybe The Accelerated Man from Earth-19 that we saw for all of three seconds will come back next season and will be that world's Hunter Zolomon. Now, first reaction to that would be, but we know the actor who played the Accelerated Man was Sean Poague, not Sears. But if we didn't know that, could you look at the image above and 100% for sure say that wasn't Sears? We just see the eyes, forehead and bridge of his nose. The producers took the time to show us the character, so you have to bet that we'll see him again. And since introducing alternate Earths, they seem to like to do two-part stories that involves other Earths. Season 2 Barry and Cisco went to Earth-2 with Harry and season 3 the group went to Gorilla City. Season 4 seems like to be Earth-19… which would be extra interesting since they're laws forbid traveling through the multiverse. It would be easy to swap Sears in as the Accelerated Man and it would have a lot of emotional resonance.

Bringing it back around, I think Flash needs an evil speedster in his life. Not as the big bad for the season, but to push him at his own game. And since Letsch was on Legends last season, I'm betting that if we do get a man in the yellow suit again this season… it will be Teddy Sears.

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