WWE Superstar Paige Tweets Open Love Letter To Alberto Del Rio

czdel8kukaaadcmEver since WWE superstar Paige began dating former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, "smarks" – wrestling fans who care as much or more about the backstage aspects of the wrestling business than the in-ring product – have been decrying the relationship. For some, it's an insulting brand of patriarchal concern at Paige's actions since beginning the relationship, including two violations of WWE's wellness policy. For others, it may be a love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the knowledge that Del Rio allegedly recently beat one up. And for others still, it's because they themselves are in love with Paige and angry that she's no longer single. It's never gonna happen, guys. Just let her live her own life. This is her house, dammit!

In any case, the relationship is still going strong, with Paige professing her love for Del Rio via a letter posted to Twitter:

Awww! Isn't that cute? Well, not according to some Twitter concern trolls:


Sorry, @K1NGSNAKE, but we doubt you have a chance.

Bleeding Cool is glad that Paige and Del Rio are happy together, and we hope their romance continues. If nothing else, it's fun watching smarks lose their minds over it.

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