"Rabid" Bites Down Hard On The History Of Rabies

rabid-coverRabid: A Cultural History Of The World's Most Diabolical Virus is non-fiction and horror. Written by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy, this well-researched horror that stays because it cannot be erased or pushed aside as merely a fancy. While rabies is not common in humans in the United States of America, in many places it is a real danger, and once you have it, your chances of survival are slim.

This book goes into historical detail on how people treated rabies, and came up with the treatments for it, how we have perceived it, as well as what has happened to those who have had it. It is a deeply somber, thorough read on the topic.  The writing was easy to understand, and is geared towards the general public, and is something I would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about rabies, and how societies have dealt with it over the years, as well as the development of the Milwaukee Protocol. It is not a quick read, but doesn't go on to the point of becoming an endless drudge, and respects the topic, without becoming hysterical. Knowledge becomes power as, over  time, people learn how to deal with the disease, and bring hope to those who face it.

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