Piers Morgan and Greggs Use the Same PR Agency…. You Don't Suppose…?

No, this has nothing to do with comics. Sorry.

But this week, British chain of bakers Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll after a successful PR campaign for them to do so. There's an appeal for people to try veganism this month, called Veganuary. Because of course it is.

So, private company decides to trial a new product aimed at a certain unserved population. Who could have a problem with that? Well, Piers Morgan obviously.

With Greggs' social media team on point.

Cue a massive fuss on social media against their favourite figure of hate, Piers Morgan, a massive publicity boost for Greggs and pretty much every one of its 1650 outlets selling out of the vegan sausage rolls in question.

And Piers replied…

Which is always a good reason to check if people are in any way connected. Such as both Piers Morgan and Greggs having the same PR company, Taylor Herring. Check the case studies yourself…

You don't suppose that cheque went from Greggs to Piers via Taylor Herring? Just a thought….

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