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The First Of Bill Sienkiewiczs Harley Quinn Variant Covers

The First Of Bill Sienkiewicz's Harley Quinn Variant Covers

Bill Sienkiewicz is going to have a variant cover for every issue of the Rebirthed Harley Quinn.  Well, here's the first. Oh and here's Tim Sale's variant cover for Batman #4 while we're at it…. And Superman #4's variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort.  

Swag HeroesCon Edition

Swag! HeroesCon Edition

I've just returned from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend, one of the most comics creator-driven cons in the country, and my swag was such that I had to climb on a chair to take this aerial shot.So, we have the Skottie Young designed t-shirt for the con, a sticker for Heroes Aren't[...]