Swag! HeroesCon Edition


I've just returned from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend, one of the most comics creator-driven cons in the country, and my swag was such that I had to climb on a chair to take this aerial shot.

So, we have the Skottie Young designed t-shirt for the con, a sticker for Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, the shop behind the con itself, Doctor Who pen and socks, of course, a lovely Thor water-colored sketch from Gregory Benton, an also lovely color sketch by Jon Chad, the kaBOOMbox Anthology from Out of Step Arts (successfully Kickstarted), Delusional by Farel Dalrymple from AdHouse Books, Cold Crew and Dry County from Patrick Dean and the supertalented Rich Tomaso, both from his imprint Recoil Crime/Suspense, In the Dark, the horror anthology with a host of esteemed creators edited by Rachel Deering from IDW, and Comix Book, the comics collaboration between Denis Kitchen and Stan Lee as edited by Kitchen in the first of a line of Kitchen Sink imprints published by Dark Horse (and a rolled poster in 3D of Little Nemo based on work for the Little Nemo Kickstarter projects, more on that later) and Sherwood Texas signed by writer Shane Berryhill, with art by Daniel Hillyard from 12-Gauge Comics. That was a long paragraph! And yet I know plenty of the attendees would have an even bigger swag roll-call than me since Heroes Con is known for its original art and prints for sale. There will be lots of framing and archiving going on this week, guaranteed…

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