Here Comes December For Aspen And Valiant

It's mid-September, which means it's about time for December titles to start being announced and promoted… so what better way to start than with everything Aspen is soliciting for January? Including JT Krul's first novel.

Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And Valiant Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And Valiant

David Wohl – Story / Alex Lei – Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

Iris is back, but will she make it through the – Executive Extinction!

Following the deadly results of "The Hit List Agenda", the Executive Assistants find themselves alone, scattered and unsure of their own collective fate. However, Iris now finds herself at the employ of perhaps the most sinister of all organized enterprises—the Central Intelligence Agency! The pulse-pounding third volume of the epic Executive Assistant: Iris series kicks off with the massive ten part series that will forever alter the lives of every Executive Assistant!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS creator David Wohl is joined by newcomer Alex Lei and series vet Teo Gonzalez, to bring you the thrilling third volume as the "Executive Extinction" crossover event starts right now!

Executive Assistant Iris (vol 3) #1 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

FC 32 pages $3.99

– Writer / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

The Extinction begins!

"Executive Extinction" kicks off with this all new story arc featuring Lily, one of the most popular characters in the EA Universe, as she attempts to piece together some semblance of a normal life—while fighting to protect it from those who seek to end it! Enter Mazutsu, the armed dealer mastermind who has sworn to eliminate all Executive Assistants at any cost. Yet, the biggest surprise for Lily comes as she discovers one of her trusted allies is working for those who seek to capture her!

Don't miss the exciting first chapter of the "Executive Extinction" crossover event!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #6 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

FC 32 pages $3.99

Here Comes December For Aspen And Valiant Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And Valiant

Vince Hernandez – Story / Emilio Lopez – Art / Jocelyn Dunn – Colors

Explore the breathtaking world of Charismagic by journeying back to its ancient origins!

Kon and his collection of magical entities learn the hard truth that saving the world means first trusting one another, as the group is divided over the inclusion of the magic-stealing Samsun. Meanwhile, The Death Princess, along with Serké, gather an army of the most capable human slaves they can muster in preparation for the group's impending arrival at her castle—where the battle for the future of mankind will be decided!

Created and written by Aspen's own Vince Hernandez, with stunning art by Emilio Lopez and Jocelyn Dunn, make sure to be a part of the exciting new world of CHARISMAGIC: THE DEATH PRINCESS!

CHARISMAGIC: THE DEATH PRINCESS #2 is in stores December 12th, 2012!

FC 32 pages $3.99

Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And Valiant

SOULFIRE (vol 4) #4
J.T. Krul – Story / Mike DeBalfo – Art / Nei Ruffino – Colors

Michael Turner's epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!

Possessed by the chaotic spirit of Oris, Grace seems all but unstoppable as her reign of terror storms across the globe. Cities are being destroyed. People are dying. In the Everlands, one of Malikai's closest friends is facing death from Grace's violence. Can the combined power of magic and technology save them? And if so, will the result be a miracle…or an abomination?"

From veteran SOULFIRE scribe J.T. Krul, and featuring the amazing art of Michael DeBalfo along with fan favorite colorist Nei Ruffino, this is the SOULFIRE tale three volumes in the making! New and returning fans will NOT want to miss out as the biggest SOULFIRE story ever told continues right here!

SOULFIRE (vol 4) #4 is in stores December 5th, 2012!

FC 32 pages $3.99

David Schwartz – Writer / Pasquale Qualano – Art / David Curiel – Colors

Aspen Comics proudly presents their first ever super-hero series, IDOLIZED!

The IDOLIZED competition comes to a crushing head, as Joule faces off against two of her most brutal competitors in the TV show's grand finale! Even more importantly, see what happens after the competition ends, as a furious young Joule faces off against Stasis, the man who destroyed her life, in a battle that will leave her, and the Powered Protectors, forever scarred – if they even survive!

Written and created by David Schwartz, with gorgeous art by Pasquale Qualano and David Curiel, and featuring a cover by Oliver Nome and Peter Steigerwald, plus a photo cover starring supermodel Rachel Clark, you won't want to miss out on this innovative new series from Aspen Comics!

IDOLIZED #4 is in stores December 5th, 2012!

FC 32 pages $3.99

Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantTHE LOST SPARK
JT KRUL – Writer

"I've lost my marbles."

When fourteen year-old Angie hears these simple words uttered from her aging grandfather's lips, she has no idea that it will send her on a journey into a hidden world of magic born from childhood imagination – one that bonds each and every one of us to our own unique spark, a special talisman with wondrous powers. Like many over the years, Angie forgot about her spark, as her mind grew cluttered with the challenges of life, the stresses of school, and the tragic loss of her mother.

Now, Angie will need all her strength and courage as she rediscovers this world because there is a secret danger whispering in the shadows. Her grandfather was wrong. He didn't lose his marbles. They were stolen from him, and if Angie isn't careful, she could be next.

An adventurous tale of wonder, The Lost Spark celebrates the magic of childhood – the fantasy of imagination, the darkness of the unknown, and the beauty of friendship that knows no bounds. Prepare to enter a world both familiar and new, and one that you'll never want to leave.

THE LOST SPARK is in stores December 5th, 2012!

B&W 320 pages $7.99 NOVEL

And then from Valiant, we have a look at two Trevor Hairsine varinat covers for December for Bloodshot #6 and X-O Manowar #8. You know, Valiant had run variant covers from Patrick Zircher and Emanuela Lupacchino before they announced comics drawn by them. I get the feeling Trevor will be going the same way…

Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantHere Comes December For Aspen And Valiant

And they'll be putting out a trade paperback of X-O Manowar for a pocket-friendly $9.99 for the first five issues.

 Here Comes December For Aspen And ValiantX-O Manowar Vol. 1: By The Sword TPB
$9.99/Rated T+/112 pgs.
Aric of Dacia is a brash warrior and heir to the throne of the Visigoth people. He has lived his life under the heel of the Roman Empire, but now a far more terrible enemy has come to subjugate him. Taken from his home and family, Aric is enslaved aboard a starship belonging to a brutal race of alien colonizers known as The Vine. If he is to have any hope of escaping and returning to Earth, he will have to steal the Vine's most powerful weapon — a sentient suit of indestructible armor — and become X-O Manowar!
"A complete knockout." – Ain't It Cool News
"Incredibly enjoyable… X-O Manowar is back and you need to check it out." – Comic Book Resources
"High octane action and excitement in spades…" – Newsarama
"This series [is] a must read…" – IGN
"A stunning debut…" – The Onion/A.V. Club

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