Q&A With The People Who Brought You The New York Comic Con

by Ray Flook & Ale Bodden One of the true "hidden gems" of the NYCC programming schedule, the NYCC Team Q&A not only serves as the unofficial end of NYCC 2016 but also as the unofficial start of NYCC 2017 planning. ReedPOP head Lance Fensterman, along with team members James McNerney, Fallon Prinzivalli, Kristina Rogers […]

If You Announce God Country On EW But No One Notices, Does It Make A Sound?

Last week, Entertainment Weekly ran a preview of a new comic, God Country, by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw from Image Comics. It was meant to be announced at New York Comic Con. It's just I didn't hear that it was. And searching across social media, no one else seemed to notice it was, either. So […]

How To Succeed In Self Publishing, With Jimmy Palmiotti And Friends At NYCC

By Ale Bodden I always enjoy attending panels that focus on how to get somewhere with your trade and offer useful tips and resources to assist the journey. This panel has been one of the most honest; down-to-earth panel I have been to in regards to the subject. Hosting the panel we had Nat Towsen […]

All The Exclusive NYCC Comics Selling For Over $20

There are plenty of comic books and exclusive variants made available just to people who went to New York Comic Con. Here are a few sales over the last few days on eBay… Robyn Hood I Love NY #5 CGC 9.9 REMARKED NYCC exclusive FADE variant – GREG HORN  $882.00 Rick and Morty #1 NYCC CGC […]

Fashion, Comics And The Rise Of Geek Chic At New York Comic Con

By Ale Bodden NYCC Day 3, I sat through a panel discussing geek fashion and comics, and fashion in comics. I tend to not be too happy after panels like these, but this year NYCC had a surprise in store for me: I actually really, genuinely enjoyed this panel. Hosted by Danielle Colman, and joining […]

Hell Isn't Torture In Heavenly Blues. It's More About Hazing…

Today saw the release of Mark Millar and Greg Capullo's Reborn. Where people die and are reborn in new bodies in a fantasy land where they must band and fight to survive with their long dead family and friends. It seems bliss compared to what Ben Kahn and artist Bruno Hidalgo cooked up in Heavenly Blues. […]

ComiXology Unlimited: Starter Pack At New York Comic Con

By Ale Bodden On Saturday, Day 3 at NYCC, I was able to sit through another Comixology panel. I love coming to their panels ever year—they always seem to give good recommendations on what to read if you want to start reading comic books, or what to read after you are done reading something you […]

Hosted By Hell's Kitchen For NYCC 2016

by Chuck Brouillette  As fellow Bleeding Cool reporter, Joe Glass, and Bleeding Cool Operations Manager, Dan Celko, can attest, our mutual accommodations during NYCC last year were less than stellar. So when I was making arrangements for housing during this year's event I figured that booking a room in Hell's Kitchen could only be a step […]

Where Everyone Got Those Cool Foam Chainsaws At NYCC – Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Adam Wolfe wrote from New York Comic Con, Right next to the South Park Village outside convention was a creepy, yet familiar cabin. If one dared to venture inside, they would be greeted by classic imagery from the original Evil Dead movie. The entire room was a condensed replica of the original cabin living room, […]

Ten Of The Best Show Exclusives From New York Comic Con, In The Flesh

By Brian Goldberg NYCC wouldn't be NYCC if it wasn't full of exclusives from various exhibitors drawing attention to their brands. Bandai, Funko, Marvel, Mezco Toyz, and Valiant had some stand out swag that stood apart from the rest. Bloodshot #14 Jason David Frank Photo Variant (Valiant) Right before NYCC it was announced that Jason […]

Attack On Titan Anthology Launches Early With NYCC Exclusive Edition

 This is a first look at Paolo Rivera's cover for the Attack On Titan Anthology NYCC Edition with livery. The comic features twelve original stories over 250 pages by the likes by Scott Snyder,  Michael Avon Oeming, Faith Erin Hicks, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr, Gail Simone, Evan Dorkin, Genevieve Valentine, Afua Richardson, Asaf Hanuka and Tomer Hanuka, Paolo Rivera, Phil Jimenez, Damion Scott, Ronald Wimberly, Kevin Wada, Simon Spurrier, Rhianna Pratchett, Jody Houser and Emi […]

Lying In The Gutters – 3rd October 2016 – The Week of New York Comic Con

See you there… Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1.  Tim Burton's Twins Trouble London's Commuters This Morning 2. What Is This Secret Marvel/DC Crossover Comic For December? 3. Is The New Director Of SHIELD Actually Jeffrey Mace? 4. Today's Titans #3 Brings Watchmen To DC Rebirth Again (SPOILERS)  5. So What Happens To Miles Morales After Civil War […]

Exclusive For Chris Hunt's Carver: A Paris Story At New York Comic Con

Here's an exclusive NYCC print of Chris Hunt's Carver: A Paris Story from Z2 Comics' Stacker Lee. $30 and limited to a run of 50. Chris Hunt will be signing at the Z2 Comics Booth, booth #1068, at 11am on Saturday the 8th during NYCC. And for those going to the show, here's the exclusive NYCC variant Carver graphic novel cover by Matt […]

Valiant Debuts Faith's Keep-A-Breast Foundation #CheckYourSelfie Variant Covers At NYCC

  From Valiant Entertainment, booth #1635 at New York Comic-Con next week… exclusives and variants for the show. Including a promotion with the Keep-A-Breast Foundation raising awareness around the eraly diagnosis of breast cancer. COMICS: FAITH #3 KEEP A BREAST #CHECKYOURSELFIE VARIANT [$10] Proceeds from each sale will benefit the Keep-A-Breast Foundation. Artwork by Diego […]