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Superman Goes Retro With New Mezco Toyz 5 Points Boxed Set
Mezco Toyz continues to expand their vintage-inspired toy line, 5 Points, as they debut their newest set with Superman and The Mechanical Monsters Deluxe Boxed Set The Man of Steel is back again for this deluxe set with an appearance from the classic 1940's Fleischer cartoon The set includes 4 figures with Lois Lane, Mechanical Monster[...]
The Warriors Are Back With 5 Point Figures from Mezco Toyz
However, unlike the previous One: 12 Collective figure set, they have revealed a special 5 Points The Warrior Box Set The set will feature three members of the Warriors with Ajax, Cleon, and Swan as well as two members of the Baseball Furies All of these figures feature a classic figure mold that pays homage[...]
New York Toy Fair: 76 Photos From the Mezco Toyz Booth
Their Five Point Figures are getting more focus this year with some beautiful touches like Scooby Doo, The Warriors, and Batman 1966 that even includes a Batmobile! These Mezco 5 Points figures are simple, sweet, packed with detail and cheap The vintage design is something retro and unique that can be adored by any fan[...]
Mezco Gomez Hazard Squad Commander Reporting for Duty
Gomez is back in the news again with Mezco's newest addition to their 5 Points collection Previously announced was Gómez: Lone Roach and Grub as they will be getting a One:12 Collective figure So you're pretty much sold immediately out and you can join the waiting list for the restock This time Mezco Toyz has[...]