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C.B. Cebulski Has Advice For Asian Comic Creators Looking To Marvel
Cebulski's previous pseudonym when he was working in Marvel editorial, inventing a Japanese comic book writer Akira Yoshida, in order to get writing work first at Dark Horse and then at Marvel themselves, outside of Marvel's restrictive creative hiring practices for staffers, without his fellow editors knowing Widely criticised when it emerged, when C.B[...]
D23 2019 Rewind: When Disney+ Looked Ahead & Marvel Comics Looked Old
But I get the argument that there's nothing wrong with celebrating one's past as you look towards the future, but at a D23 that vibed "The Future Is Now" it felt like no one could read the room on the comics side. Image: Screencap And did they have to have Cebulski on the stage? Because seeing "Akira[...]
Steven S. DeKnight Will Take No More Marvel Work Until Akira Yoshida Situation Is Resolved
Cebulski once used the pseudonym Akira Yoshida to get comic book work And has stated that "I love working with Marvel but will not pursue or accept future work until this is resolved I hope other more high-profile creatives in the comic book biz will follow suit." Steven S DeKnight was the creator, head writer, and[...]
Avengers #34 Review: The Way The House of Akira Yoshida Rolls
That's the way the House of Akira Yoshida rolls, apparently. Let's not even get into the good old fashioned ideas of heroes fighting villains and not other purported heroes Guh, how tedious. With these dazzlingly dissonant ideas dancing around, it's hard to appreciate even the skillful visual work from Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and Cory Petit, depicting[...]
Bill Jemas Revives 'Yoshida' Pseudonym for Be Wawa, Lion Queen, Truth
Cebulski wrote Marvel Comics titles using the pseudonym Akira Yoshida both when Bill Jemas was publisher and when Azel Alonso was EIC, against company guideline and without their knowledge It was something he finally admitted to, to Bleeding Cool, before becoming EIC at the publisher Could this be an unusually timed dig at CB Cebulski[...]
Akira Yoshida Returns to Comics in Today's The Nib
Akira Yoshida made his return to comics Friday, though not in the triumphant manner you might be expecting Yoshida was the alias of current Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B Cebulski, who only admitted to it after being named to the top Marvel editorial job It's a story we often recount here on Bleeding Cool, and today[...]
Marvel's C.B. Cebulski to Return to Writing in 2019?
Of course, most of those were written under the pen name Akira Yoshida, a fictional Japanese identity which Cebulski used to skirt Marvel decorum on editors writing comics Despite criticism for taking writing jobs that could have gone to actual Asian writers, as well as draping his comics in stereotypical Japanese imagery, Cebulski ascended to[...]
Return of Wolverine Launch Trailer Declares: When Fans Speak, Marvel Listens
The video features artwork from the comic, as well as appearances by Akira Yoshida, Jordan White's mustache, and writer Charles Soule. In the trailer, Yoshida, otherwise known as Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B Cebulski, makes the case that Marvel totally planned to keep Wolverine dead when they killed him, but Charles Soule had such an amazing story they[...]
The Strange Case Of Akira Yoshida, Marvel Comics And The West Wing
Once upon a time, Akira Yoshida was a comic book writer for Marvel who appeared to come from nowhere For Marvel, in around 2004 and 2005, he wrote a number of mini-series Thor: Son Of Asgard, X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse, Elektra: The Hand, Wolverine: Soultaker, X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame, X-Men: Fantastic Four, and[...]