Albert Einstein

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On This Day In Pop Culture For March 14

The slight difference is we keep hearing little pieces of news and know the game is being developed, but we're not being given an official date or anything concrete. [gallery ids="622932,622945,622938,622934,622936"]  Today in Bleeding Cool history, in 2013 Douglas Paszkiewicz gave us a bunch of tips on what to do and what not to do if you[...]

Geoffrey Rush Plays Albert Einstein Playing Lady Gaga… Wait, What?

The National Geographic channel has released their Super Bowl ad for their upcoming series Genius that stars Geoffrey Rush as the great Albert Einstein In the commercial, Einstein picks up his violin and plays a familiar tune The series, a biopic of one of the greatest minds in history, stars Rush, Emily Watson and Johnny[...]

The Birth of Tesla Electric Lights & Manufacturing

Luckily, the idea of patent infringement gave me the star of the book: Albert Einstein.With the players all set, I wrote the first issue It was crap Cliches and forced moments of “coolness” littered the pages For years I had a cycle where I would write a story, and then come back to Tesla for[...]