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Over The Garden Wall Gets Deeper and Deeper With Issue #3
The issues start off with light and fun stories, and end in tears. Over the Garden Wall #3 features two stories: "Dreamland Melodies" written and illustrated by Jim Campbell with Danielle Burgos, and "Homeland" written by Amalia Levari, with art by Cara McGee. The first story features main character Greg While he runs into some trials and tribulations, the[...]
Over The Garden Wall #2 Shows The Pain Of Solitude
The first story, "Dreamland Melodies" is written and illustrated by Jim Campbell, while the second entitled, "Homeland," is written by Amalia Levari, illustrated by Cara McGee With this type of balance…you get a bit of everything! A fun story about wildlife creatures… …and a deeper, much more heavy story…   Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for the whimsical stuff,[...]
This Week Brings The First Issue Of Over The Garden Wall's Ongoing Series
Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled to see the comic reach ongoing series status! This week brings the release of Over the Garden Wall #1 from KaBOOM!, written by Jim Campbell, Danielle Burgos, Amalia Levari, with art by Campbell and Cara McGee. The comic features two original stories in each issue In the first issue,[...]