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Dexter's Michael C. Hall Isn't Playing It 'Safe' in Netflix's Mystery-Drama Series

The family has started to put the pieces of their lives back together…until one evening, when Jenny sneaks out to a party and all of their lives begin to unravel in a whirlwind of murder, disappearances and exposed secrets.Hall stars alongside Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington in the eight-part drama, which is produced by Red Production Company[...]

Netflix 'Safe' Brings Michael C. Hall Back To Series Television

Amanda Abbington (Sherlock) has also signed-on for the series.Safe isn't bestselling mystery/thriller author Coben's first venture into television: his crime drama series The Five aired in the U.K in 2016 and (as is the case with Safe) was written by Brocklehurst, produced by Red and acquired by Canal+ Though still relatively new to the television[...]

Why The Ending Of Sherlock Wasn't Really Surprising

Someone was bound to pay for that and Mary was the obvious choice as she had her own life choices to pay for as well.I think Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington's personal issues had nothing to do with the fate of the character.Overall, this may be my favorite episode to date The writing was top[...]

Cast Of Sherlock Teases What Is Coming In Series Four

Rupert Graves, Amanda Abbington and Louise Brealey all seem to be excited about the new season, as you'd expect But to hear that there are some nasty creatures and some magic in the new series has to make you start wondering what the three episodes will contain We start off with the Six Thatchers, like[...]

The Ladies Of Sherlock On What's It Like Being Back

Hudson), Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper) and Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson) talk about returning to the show that feels like family to them They appear to be in a church, which makes me think that it may be a christening.. would they make Sherlock the baby's godfather? Forget Christmas, I'm looking forward to New Year's Day[...]

Freeman And Abbington Split As Sherlock Season 4 Is Set To Premiere

We don't go much into covering celebrity relationships here on BC. It just doesn't fall into our wheelhouse normally unless it has a bigger effect. Like Milla Jovovich's pregnancy moving the filming of a Resident Evil film. The news that came out yesterday falls in that category as well. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abington have […]