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Amy Adams Thinks She's Out of the DC Universe

The evidence that the DC Universe taking off in a very different direction continues to pile up. First, there were plenty of rumors that Ben Affleck was eyeing the door, then the rumors that Henry Cavill was leaving emerged, and now another cast member has said they aren't sure if they are returning. Adam Adams […]

Adam Shankman Says 'Enchanted' Sequel Still in the Works

Director and choreographer Adam Shankman wants fans of the Disney film Enchanted to know that a sequel is still in the works! While the live-action (with some animated parts) film was released way back in 2007, the Amy Adams-starring film has resonated with fans to this day.  The sequel, Disenchanted (although possibly now with a different name because of the Netflix […]

HBO's 'Sharp Objects' Trailer: For Amy Adams, Home is Where the Hurt Is

Amy Adams' Camille Preaker can appreciate the idea of not being able to go home again; but in the official trailer for HBO's eight-episode limited series adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects, "home" doesn't look too happy to see her, either. Adapted by Marti Noxon (Dietland) and directed by Big Little Lies' Jean-Marc Vallée, the […]

HBO's 'Sharp Objects' Limited Series Set for July Premiere

Amy Adams's Camille Preaker may not know if she can ever truly go home again, but at least she knows when that unpleasant "homecoming" is going to take place. HBO is set to premiere its eight-episode limited series adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects on Sunday, July 8th at 9 p.m. Adapted by Marti Noxon […]

HBO's Sharp Objects Trailer: Amy Adams Finds Going Home Can Be Dangerous

It's not always a matter of whether you can ever really go home again: sometimes, it's a matter of whether "home" really wants you back. That's the situation Amy Adams finds herself confronting in the first trailer for HBO's limited series adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects, with Big Little Lies' Jean-Marc Vallée directing all eight […]

HBO 2018 Promo: Westworld, Sharp Objects – But No Game of Thrones?

Around the holiday season, there are three things you can depend on: more travelling to family and friends this year than you swore you would do last year; at least one present that will end up in your "regift" filing cabinet; and HBO reminding its subscribers just how much they've spent on programming the past […]

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Zack Snyder Is The Only Credited Director On Justice League, Film Rated PG-13

Zack Snyder has been through quite a bit these last couple months. Because of that, Justice League has been through the ringer as a project, as well. Reshoots (that were always planned) and post-production were being handled by one Joss Whedon. People wondered out loud how much of the film Whedon would alter. Now, we […]

Christian Bale Eying Return To Batman-Like Role In Dick Cheney Biopic

Batman is a superhero published by DC Comics, and Dick Cheney was a Vice President in Washington DC, but the two have far more in common than that when diggiging below the surface. While Cheney was a proponent of sweeping government authority to perform surveillance even on its own citizens, Batman tapped into the cellphones […]

Report: Andrew Garfield Heartbroken Over How Bad Amazing Spider-Man Films Were

Yesterday's Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, who starred in Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 before the franchise was mercifully rebooted with Tom Holland, joined actress Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane in the DC Cinematic Universe, for Variety's "Actors On Actors" interview. Speaking about his experience with the films, Garfield said he learned that characterization and storytelling […]

'Arrival' Is Smart Science Fiction At Its Best

Arrival is the smart science fiction movie that leaves you stunned and wondering if the sleight of hand lives up to the punchline. TItle: Arrival Director: Denis Villeneuve Summary: A linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications. There is a certain type of movie goer that will enjoy Arrival. If […]

Amy Adams Says A Man Of Steel 2 Is Currently Being Written

Man of Steel 2 has somewhat fallen by the wayside it seems with DC and Warner Brothers more interested in the world building of the DCEU than giving Superman a second solo outing. It does seem as if there is something in the works though. Speaking to Hey U Guys recently at Arrival junkets, Amy Adams […]

A Sleepless Amy Adams Faces Nocturnal Animals In New Trailer

In the new trailer for Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals, Amy Adams plays an insomniac who receives a book written by her ex-husband and gets pulled into a dark web of murder and revenge; but may also find a path to redemption. Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson also star. Nocturnal Animals comes to select […]

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker Face An Arrival In Trailer Tease

While the full trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Arrival does not see release until August 18th, Paramount Pictures has unveiled a pretty effective teaser. It features stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker as they enter an alien craft and await the arrival of visitors to planet Earth. There are definite shades here of Rendezvous […]

New Batman V Superman Synopsis Unveiled

UK cinema chain VUE (via Comic Book Movie) has released a slightly longer synopsis of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice offering another look at the upcoming superhero fight. It unclear where VUE gets its information or if someone on staff writes these synopses based on available trailers and other materials, but this at least […]

Shorter Batman V Superman Clip Makes Great Use Of Trailer Footage

Taking an informal poll over the last few weeks of friends, associates and people at my local comic book shop, most thought the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer contained certain flaws. It was subsequently re-edited for an appearance on Good Morning America. That version picked up the pace and dropped much of the […]